Who don't have received unity of to last shipment 20/09?

HI I have buyed the unity the 10/07 . And i don’t have receved this . And this company never responds to my request ? absolutly NEVER… Am I the only one, or is there any other than me ? I have buyed this by PAYPAL , then I get all my money back from them…ALL ? Who have this same problems ???

Well, everyone who buys from Enertion has that Problem. Getting ghosted is normal for them too.

With 3 months in you are still early. People waited over a year for their stuff.

and they can’t refound simply all my money ?

Well…they don’t have any money to refund you. Paypal is your best bet if you want to opt out.

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you can now buy them on amazon with 2 day shipping. This is your best bet as enertion is restructuring and the customer service is almost non existent.