Who has CNC capability?

I’m not looking for mounts, but actually a simple PCB tooling block like Stencil8. Aluminum block with 10mm grid of 2.5mm holes… couldn’t be simpler until you actually try to find someone to make one!

Figured i’d see who here had CNC and might be able to help with this? I’m checking with a couple CNC places in town, but most of them laugh at the single run non-production things like this for a hobbyist.

Shoot me a PM if you can help out?

Thanks All!


I have a CNC, im in Vancouver.

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I’ve got a Nomad 883 but I’m still experimenting with it. Hopefully I’ll figure out out this weekend.

I’ve got an Xcarve, which does fine with aluminum. Infact, I’m in the process of making some mounts for my mountain board build out of 1/2inch 60061 series aluminum.

I’m in Florida too… along with @longhairedboy who also has an xcarve

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… and i am also working on mounts now that @cmatson has done all the leg work finding out the correct settings for carving aluminum and was kind enough to send me the details lol

im also working on a way to raise some cash so i can do this and also have some sweet ass insert pulleys made… </bomb drop>

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I’ve got an x-carve, here in sf. Never done aluminum, though I’ve always wanted to try.

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X-Carve - NYC - Have cut motor mounts before. If you are looking for cheap manufacturing of an item like this check: MFG.com or bigbluesaw.


that literally took breaking 6 bits to figure out- a couple 1/16th’s, and a few 1/8th’s… lol. aluminum test board to prove it:

@evoheyax or @michaeld33 let me know if you want the settings I gave Damon- they are ideal for a 1/8th 3-flute aluminum (or all-purpose cutting) bit sold by inventables or a couple other places.


Cool thanks! A little tip, for the actual outline/edge of the mount, and the hole for the motor shaft, I used the 1/4" bit, since you can use it at a higher speed since it doesn’t break easily. Then just cut the mounting holes using the 1/8"

true, but I’m kinda lazy and want to get the best combo of cutting the whole thing with one bit.

Definitely for bigger projects it makes sense, but when my mountain board mounts are going to just be about 4 hours, I’m fine using a single bit.

Yeah, but for me using a 1/4" bit lowered the time by HOURS. But it’s a pain in the ass to switch it.

IMO it’s a pain in the ass in general to cut aluminum on that thing.

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you gotta watch it like a hawk, so I’m usually always working on my board or screwing around in the garage when it’s doing its thing. last time my aluminum moved and the bit tried to go straight through 1/2 inch aluminum and straight broke… ruined the carve up until that point too…

I feel for you. It’s great for prototyping, but I’d rather use a laser cutter and cut acrylic, then if it works, I’ll get it manufactured for cheap.

Thanks, i will defiantly let you know. I haven’t had to cut metal yet so we will see when I get there.

Thanks Michael - got a shout out to BBS already, will check with MFG.

TBH, it’s easier just to use a one of those old manual mills for stuff like this. Easier to gain access to.

I have settings for alum for the xcarve with dewalt 611 if anyone needs help just send me a pm, i’ve been cutting a ton of alum.


I hoping someone can help me I’m looking to get part of of a motor mount made. Its for a torqueboards old style mount

Basically it’s to difficult to adjust belt tension and tighten the screws because they are hard to reach. And it’s a safety issue if tension is lost because motor will hit truck. So I want a motor mount plate that is compatible with TB mount but let’s me adjust tension using motor screws. I also want to change dimensions a little. Let me know if someone can help me get 2-3 made. I can ship motor mount so you can get accurate measurements.