Who here is 🇦🇺?

@Airmacx knows the shipping price from custom skateboards. I have never bought from them, just know them.

@Danpooed @Dedbny @Rye Anyone up for a Melbourne meetup? I have one board that is working and goes around 23kmh and I have another board that I am building that will go 45kmh.

That would be awesome. if we can find a time when most of us are free.

What about a ride along South Melbourne Beach? My board has 5km range so not great. Or we could go around Albert Park Lake?

Adelaide, mate! :nerd:

Brisbane central here too @Heavy1

I believe it was 75 us shipped and that was their “cheapest” option. I ended up cutting my own deck with marine ply wood from bunnings.

I am also based in Melbourne and down with a meetup!

I suck at stuff like that. $130 AUD is the cheapest I can find a deck this shape anyway.

Seems reasonable.

Finding a friend or a local builder wouldn’t be hard, and I’m sure they don’t charge much if anything since its such a simple task. Those decks are nice, but they might be too flexy, which is why I didn’t buy one, then I’d have to do split enclosures.

Choose whatever but if you buy some wood from bunnings, one deck will cost you $15

I’m making a longboard press next year. Should be able to make some nice boards with w concave. @longhairedboy , your press is a bolt press right?

Will just wait & see if DIY release their carbon deck or Enertion release that wood/carbon one.

I bought a static (Sector 9) that would suit pneumatics from KickPush (based in GoldCoast) it was $180 delivered iirc

I’m from Victoria too fyi :slight_smile: gippsland based

nope. It’s hydraulic :slight_smile:

4 tons with the option to upgrade to 10.

the frame is 8 layers of 2x8 stacked in an alternating pattern that results in a dovetail effect at the corners. Much much greater detail can be found here: http://longhairedboy.com/building-my-own-longboard-deck-press-part-3/

If you do id definitely buy a deck.

I’d be down for that too. Pending your results, of course.

Mate, could if I would. Received only a partial shipment from Enertion, so while I have most of my kit and can steal from my other longboard, I’m missing a motor pulley… Stranded without it for now

I have a 14t with a stuck screw in it with loctite red. I can give it to you if you can get the screw out.

That’s a super generous offer to lend it to me till mine arrives mate, I think I had ordered a 15t wheel, how will reducing the teeth go for the ratio? Will it effect anything?

Higher torque, lower speed. It is going to be hard to get that screw out though without some proper heat. Maybe even put it in av oven. @lowGuido could you please tell me what heat you need to remove red loctite?