Who here is 🇦🇺?

Much like the USA/Canada thread, I want to know how many people on this forum are Aussie. I’m from Melbourne. I know that @onloop @Dedbny @Airmacx @lowGuido are Aussie. Who else? Maybe we can organise a meetup.

List (so we know who is in the area): lowguido - Canberra onloop - Adelaide Dedbny - Melbourne lox897 - Melbourne zk8_builder - Canberra jacobbloy - Adelaide Airmacx - Sydney Tomkav - Sydney Redvlx - Perth Astrolite - Adelaide Arfintr - Sydney Magnetvox - Adelaide Chris_KP - Hour south of Sydney danpood - Melbourne Heavy1 - Brisbane city Rye - Melbourne Svenska - Brisbane city Evan - Adelaide Crabolsky - Melbourne Racidon - Gippsland, Victoria Pathaim - Melbourne South East Jebe - Brisbane Nick191 - Horsham, victoria Schulerbible - Sydney city Phizzle - Sydney Thalazzar - Brisbane Charliek - Brisbane Milly1990 - Karratha


Same here in canberra

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and we can discuss best place to buy parts

I’m in Sydney

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I’m in Sydney

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Im in perth


I’m in Adelaide.

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I’m in Sydney

I’m in Adelaide

Im an hour south of sydney

Im in Melbourne

So jealous of all the americans with their group buys and easy access to parts and services… Dam those guys :slight_smile:

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Lol sorry dudes … I do try…

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Brisbane City

Looking into my next build. Where are you guys getting you decks from? Need to find a reasonably priced online source.

just search whole sale blank longboard decks australia

Decked Out had good prices but not the shape I’m after. Need one with a cut out for AT wheels, will keep looking for now.

I found one where you could choose from like 100 designs but can’t remember

I got my Jet Spud from extreme skates. customskateboards.com is located in the us and has a lot of options. Shipping is expensive though

Wow, just what I was looking for. How much was shipping if you don’t mind my asking?