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Who is stoked for the end of 2015 wave of VESC from enertion?

Merry christmas to you too!

Merry Christmas onloop! You probably need another holiday with all these VESC orders!

Just wondering does anyone else still have the status “Awaiting Shipment”? Maybe the status/tracking is delayed?

mine says ‘shipped’, so i can only assume that any further delays in statuses are simply clerical.

i wouldn’t poke the bear. lol

Its the xmas time of year so we cant rely on the status updates to heavily.

Regardless, it is now out of onloops hands. I am not going to even @ him there out of fear of poking that bear!!! loll

Alright well I’ll give it more time to see if its gets updated then.
*edit nice, its been shipped now

aaawwwwww yeeaaaahhhhh mine is here in the states, my state no less!!! welcome to california you wonderful package you

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When is your estimated delivery? Mine wont be here till mon. But my carvons havent shipped yet so still have a wait

Mine’s in Cali too. Says it will be here by end of Monday, which is convenient for me. I’m hoping to have my box done by then.

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mine also came in through CA. I am on the east coast and mine are scheduled for delivery by the end of today! on delivery vehicle now, can’t wait

my status updated. Mine will be here today.

Yeah… mine is out for delivery From tampa. Still no carvon’s yet though.

Same, I’ll be able to ride this weekend! Woooo!

Delivered just now. Work on it tonight.

Awwwwwww yyyeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhh

Hey guys, I just received mine as well, does anyone know if these come preprogramed? I thought I read somewhere on here that onloop set them up so they were plug n play.


If they are preprogrammed it will be for one of the enertio. R-spec motors. If you have an r-spec then you mught just be ok. Otherwise… get some linux action rolling and get the VESC connected to your computer lol im waiting for my laptop to arrive so i can do just this. All i have right now is my work laptop and they watch me on that lol

You will have to program them to use a PPM input (either wii nunchuk, or some 2.4ghz remote)

Check out the VESC faq section for step by step walk through’s

Got mine set up and working with the nunchuck. Oh man it is fast lol. 12s with the big r-spec. I’m still building my deck so I’m just testing it on a regular park deck. Pulled a manual at 20mph lol. I’ll have a build thread as soon as I finish my deck and housings. Thanks Onloop!!