Who Watches Anime?

Not bad…but not qualified for my top ten.

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I will just drop this here… https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Kug3lis

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I think you havent watched enough of echii :smiley:

I love stickers. I always put them on my batteries, boards etc… Not only anime but other themes in kawaii style. I love kawaii stuff.


I am more undercover anime fan :smiley:

Some on your list are special for me. Fruits basket and noir for example…

I am big romantic :smiley: There is literraly hard to find good romance anime atm for me… I have to go through 10 pages to reach the ones I havent seen :smiley:

Go watch you lie in april, clannad, angel beats, anohana, plastic memories :wink:


I hate SAO even more now


Inuyasha has it all. Romance (actually two timing romance), ecchi, action, medieval tale, fantasy, terror, comedy …and one of the best all time ost ever.

Fate Zero Fate Stay Night Darker than Black Sword Art Online Akame ga Kill High School of the Dead Elfen Lied Dead Man Wonderland Orun Highschool Host Club … Having trouble remembering others but I’ll post when I remember.

outlaw star

Sword Art Online Akame ga Kill Future Diary full metal panic full metal alchemist (only watched a bit) K-ON (didn’t get past season 1) read or Die ROD one punch man bobs burgers (haha JK)

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Started watching Darling in the Franxx

I think I’ve found my waifu

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y’all are missing out if you have not watched erased

Soul Eater Tekkonkinkreet All Miyazaki Animes

One and only Anime I watched and finished: Spiral

Hunter X Hunter!

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I’m just gonna leave this here. If you know you know. If you don’t you don’t.

Hint: Destruction

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