Why are my belts breaking

I have been riding my board for a week and broken two belts. is this because of braking or alignment. here are some pictures.

belts too loose


You could be braking too hard with a loose belt, if you do alot of Hills and brake really hard a tighter belt is better.

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ok thankyou is it aligned right and when I tighten it it loosens

I’d move the belt a little a way from the wheel a tiny bit…

Also do you ride in a place that has small little stones that can get in between you belt and wheel pulley? They could get jammed in there and tear up your belt

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You can see it’s a little loose in the second photo.

Also a thinner belt on a single is more likely to snap. Might want to upgrade to a wider belt or ease off on the hard braking. Onloop/Enertion has a good vid on this topic somewhere where he talks about the pros and cons of single vs. dual drive.

Agree with @Michaelinvegas and @Mrmoonlight - too loose and move the mount, or add a speedring, to move the gear out a bit so the belt is not rubbing against the wheel.

Are you riding with a lot of small rocks on the path or gravel?

How i personally tension my Enertion mount - tighten the 3 bolts snug so you can move the motor mount w/ a good “drag” feel. Then push on the motor and feel the belt till tight enough. Holding the motor (and mount) in place - tighten one of the bolts fully. Let go - and make sure it didn’t back off/loosen. tighten the other two and done.

Not rocket science, but the bottom of the 3 bolts can be a bit of a PITA to reach sometimes.


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Also… Riding the belt too loose seems to make the belt hotter if that makes sense … putting more pressure the belt teeth that have the most bite… Leads to missing teeth on the belt and breakage

ok I will try those things and ease on the breaking.

@gmcgaffey where did you get the belts that you were breaking?

Re-lock tight your motor mount bolts if you move the mount…

That’s what I do if I re adjust

that motor pulley is also on backwards. You want the fat part sticking away from the motor and the skinny lip close. That will reduce lateral (i think this is the word im looking for?) tension on the motor (less leverage) and move your mount closer to your wheel. This may or may not be contributing to your issue.


Yep pulley on backwards. Running a 9mm on a single setup will require a lower brake force as well or you will snap all the time. 12mm is minimum to run single motor IMO.

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9mm works well…you need to be easy on slamming on the breaks tho… But it will last a good while

9mm also works if you are light like me. 45kg

Are you trying to say I’m fat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No, I’m just young lol.

I agree. 130lbs here and 9mm is working just fine. Belt skips if braking too hard. Acceleration is great, but iffy if on a big incline.

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I’m using TB 9mm belts on my dual I run them super loose so that they skip if I brake hard. No problem going up hills though. I like them loose for less drag when coasting and less side load on motor bearings. I have picked sharp little rocks out of my belts several times. Now after using them for months, they still have not broken.
Maybe the difference is the brand of belt.

What caused my belts to breakdown quicker was a not perfectly centered wheel pulley. So the belt always got bended and relesed with each wheel rotation. Fixed the problem with wheel pulleys that have a bearing. So please check if the belt tension stays the same when you turn the wheel 360 degrees.