Why did I fry my ESC at less than 20 amps?

My setup

2X Sk3 6355 2X FVT Esc 6s4p batt 40A inline fuse (didn’t blow)

I was riding for about 5 minutes. Was braking down a hill and lost my brakes. I flipped the board over and one of my esc was smoking. The other was fine. The light was flickering but the fan was still on. Wouldn’t power the motor. Why do you think this happened?

Too much regen current from braking together with an almost full battery ?

Possible. Battery was full.

And were you braking gradually or full ?

Gradual to full

I hardly use the breaks for the first five minutes … And never hard break during that time … Think that may be the issue

that was my thought as well. I wasn’t sure that the FVT did regen braking? If it were VESC i’d definitely think it was regen voltage with nowhere to go…

Best practice is to use up a little juice before breaking… I’m sure a voltage spike occurred

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Well at least I got my answer! Thanks

At least they’re cheaper than a vesc :wink:

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Does the one that didn’t fry still work?

Yes. Weird though I had an inline 40 amp fuse

In my testing / expirence the FVT 120a does not have regen braking. My guess is that something shorted. Did you take the cover off and look around?

Thats odd, I am almost 100% sure the FVT does not have regen breaking. Not sure what would have caused it to fry.

Could it be that they are just not designed for heavy braking with heavy loads going down steep hills? I mean really, it’s a model car esc.

Possibly, I have done 20% grade hills while heavy breaking. The only time when there was a problem was when my battery was low and didnt have any power to power the breaks.

Ok, he must have gotten a short then.

Didn’t see anywhere where it could have shorter except the fact that the outer body of the sk3 rubbed down the insulation on the motor wire. But this is the esc opposite of the one that blew.