Why did my electric skateboard just spark....coulda been worse!

Hey guys, I need your help!

I finish my electric skateboard many months ago. Here is the set up

Single TB 6355 Motor 190kv 10s3p battery from diyeboard Flipsky FSESC 6.6 with heatsink

After completion of the board everything worked fine. Then one day… my board wouldn’t turn on and wouldn’t charge. When plugged into the skateboard, the charger just showed a solid green, which means its fully charged, but still wouldn’t turn on.

Life happens and I just put the board aside for a few months. Today, I had some time to trouble shoot it. I opened it up, everything was intact. So, I tried unplugging the battery from the ESC and plugging it back in. When I plugged it back in, the ESC sparked and almost bursted into flames.

I am left with a weird smell in the house and wondering what happened.

Does anyone know what happened and is that smell harmful?

Thanks in advance!

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Pictures help. Did you check voltage and polarity with a multimeter? Green charger light doesn’t mean your pack is full. Can be just the bms cutting your charger off.

The most efficient way to go about it would be to check and test all parts of the electronics. It is obviously only your battery or esc that is creating the issue (unless you have some intricate anti spark switch or are powering some other internal system, or even power intensive lights) So I would check your bms specifically, and if you board, and battery, have been sitting for months, it could have contracted water and moisture if left in cold, and/or the battery could have simply discharged in voltage over time, and your lemon of an esc may not take kindly to a strange battery voltage spike, or not enough voltage. I would post pictures, and check the indubitably battery cell voltage of each 18650 within your pack with something like a voltmeter or battery checker, then look closely at damage to the esc if that is ruled out.

i have the same happened to me when i connected a 36v battery to an 24v esc , when i didnt put an anti spark switch and when i touch the esc with my fingers causing a short-circuit . there is many possibility . also dont forget to check your connectors maybe they are melting

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either your esc’s antispark is cooked for some reason or your bms has had it

your esc was broken. I had the same thing happen with a cheap diyeboard esc. The ESC essentially shorts out positive and negative from the battery terminals My xt60 connector even partially melted!

Hi, sorry I just signed up and I don’t know how to ask questions on this forum. If you could help me I’d appreciate it. I just bought my first eboard. It’s a “lift board “ today the belt ripped off. Can you tell me where I can buy a replacement?. The belt says 225 - 3m