Why do people endorse inserts over regular skate hardware when mounting enclosures?

topic kind of is self explanatory? why is using threaded inserts the communities top idea of mounting enclosures rather then just mounting with regualr skate hardware and a washer kind of like how trucks are mounted to deck? the second option just seems way easier but i assume everyone’s got a solid reason of using the threaded inserts.


I use skate hardware, as you described, and also some skate hardware made for tail guards or rails as well, including sex bolts which are the inserts you speak of, so if you look into it enough, inserts have been used in skate hardware before electrics came around, it’s not a new idea…

I use regulars skate hardware to hold my enclosur the nylon lock nuts never come loose and all I need to remove my enclosure is a regular skate tool.

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I use wide thread pan head wood screws, usually 3/4 but sometimes 1/2, depends on the deck.



from the top down and then have regular hex bolts securing on bottom?

I don’t use skate hardware that goes through because I don’t want to see screws on top… And I don’t want to have to reapply griptape everytime I need to remove the enclosure to hide the screws…

So I use inserts…and yep… that’s pretty much it lol

Would be a lot of screws…coming through without necessarily a flush spot for the heads…


but i change trucks constantly on my regular skates and that doesnt ruin the grip. i understand not wanting to see the screws but that doesnt really bother me.

i just don’t want to ruin my beautiful enclosure. :smiley: haha

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I added a note to the end… but the curve of some decks makes finding a flush spot top and bottom harder… so not all screw heads where my feet would go would be flat…

Agree completely if you can make it look nice or don’t care then just go with bolts all the way through (personally did this for my battery holder, the VESC/receiver holder I used brass inserts so as to not have more holes going all the way through). For my battery ones they are hidden under my grip tape and I cut away the tape there before to do work on it so it’s not really too bad if I need to do that again and replace that one patch of grip tape to keep it looking decent. Long story short ‘do it for looks, do it for life’ -Moen

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I used threaded inserts in the past, but they’re always a pain to work with, the hex slot gets deformed and there’s a limit to how much the bolt can be screwed, so its hard to use compressible media like foam to seal the enclosure. That’s why i use regular skate hardware now.

Imma need a link on that.

Also, are those metroboard wheel pulleys?


Yes… Yes they are(metroboard pulleys)… And I just use

  • m4 20mm socket Head bolts
  • m4 anodized flange/fender washers
  • m4 self tapping wood inserts

Man, I’ve got that bludgeon coming and I’m super nervous about drilling the board for inserts. Did you epoxy them in?


Nope. I never have. Just drill, use a counter sink for the head of the insert. Screw in and go. None of the boards I’ve built or had my hands in a part of building have had the wood inserts back out I always use 10mm depth inserts.


Just ebay them? Or do you have a better source? I tried them once and the ones I had suuuuuucked.

Also, just to reiterate - that red hardware is awesome!


haha i use an almost identical setup, except different colored.

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I changed the category from “builds” to “Mechanics” if you disapprove pm me.

and Almost Identical setup… hilarious.

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Amazon or local hardware store… The fender washers I get on eBay…

Sometimes you just gotta drill…


what’s so funny?


You tell me.