Why do some smooth their MBS wheels?

I saw couple folks smoothing the middle portion of their MBS wheels by letting the back wheels spin while the board itself can’t move forward. Why are they doing it? What is the benefit of a smooth MBS wheel?


I’m not 100% sure. But I think it has to do with limiting the vibrations from the wheels. I have seen a few mounts crack due to high vibrations from those wheels.

Oh snap, can you remember which mounts were they?

Thinking about it, it might have been the trucks that cracked :thinking: But the shave down of these wheels is for limiting the vibrations…

Yeh look up @Kaly posts. It was either infinity or vertigo trampa trucks l, i think

I’m not sure why people even use them unshaved tbh. The contact patch is so small and you can’t really go off-road with them either.

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It will also make it more slippery I guess, when making turns and such?

That’s correct

@Tomer Small contact patch, do not dissipate the vibrations through the urethane instead it concentrates them and the wheel now becomes a rubber Mallet :hammer: This just destroyed the hanger :disappointed_relieved:

depends on the surface - These wheels (unshaven) are the only ones that I’ve found do just fine riding on (or through) gravel and roads with a lot of small rocks

Can’t comment on why it’s done on esk8’s but when I was racing RC cars we would buy tires and shave/sand the knobs till the whole tire was smooth for contact patch on the clay, seemed counter intuitive at first but it sure as hell worked like a charm!

But on another note what air pressure do you guys usually run your tires at?

They are solid polyurethane wheels, no air inside.

Ahh sorry thought he was asking about the regular pneumatic wheels/tires. Now the vibration comment makes even more sense! Haha

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