Why does Skatan hate me so?

2 minutes into my first ride of the summer… got a flat on smooth and clean pavement. FML

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damn that blows dude. sry

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Did the inner tube get pinched in the HUB? …rough start bro!

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Hub had a little bit of filament that must have splintered off during the ride and punctured the tube.

Good thing is, I built this as a hybrid board. And I’m in no mood to skip out on my ride today:


Nice work man!, made quick work of that… now go enjoy :sunglasses:

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Are those bimmer Hubs? What did you print them out of (PLA, ABS, PETG)?

Was about to print some myself, and curious how they held up aside from DBL checking surfaces for anything that’ll puncture tube?

It’s @Maxid’s original file for the 3d printed hubs w/34 tooth pulley included in the design. I had a friend print them in PLA but I had to modify some of the hubs with a Dremel because the tube was just a tad too big to fit through the hole in the hub on its own without bending it. From what I can tell, the modification with the Dremel caused some of the PLA to fragment over time (as in a few hundred miles of on-road usage) and it just happened to puncture the other day when vibrations sent a few of those fragments through the tube.


sweet, thanks. I have both versions, I’ll do some experimenting with both. I would guess by dremeling it out it took out the “wall” leaving the infill exposed to degrade <== depends on infill % to… i would try to use something HOT to increase size of hole like solder iron or heat up a smooth rod with torch. Even using a heat gun (the wife’s hair dryer would work too) on overall part to help melt down splinters.

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i should have take before pic… will on next piece, but anyways Im underway with HUB’s (PETG)