Why E-Bike motor is so low Watts?

I’m interested in building ebike with vesc now, but the hub motor ratings are weird!

Theres no kv, but working voltage with jenky “controller box” which out puts 20amp 60volts and says it is only 250w or 500w (super cheap tho like only $20 or even less)

and so much variation…

why these hub motor is much bigger and rated so low? and why no kv?

I know EU fuked up with motor rating, that all chinese motor factory just put 250w as rating regardless, which makes even more confusing!!!

It’s because of regulations. In the EU ebike motors can’t be over 250w.

Then how would I know which motor to buy? Do I have to email spam the seller evry time? jesus

LOL yeah that about sums it up.

This one is 9,3kv

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If you have the $$ get this

Im planning to get one in a few years…

yeah totally road legal and portable, best for subway lol