Why helmet safety has become my #1 priority

Please do! You’re making some awesome videos and I think having helmets on everyone just sends the right message. Plus that TSG helmet is badass!


After reading your story I will make sure they use helmets, just like you posted in A2ESK8, New rule, no excuses: if you don’t have a helmet you can’t ride. All it takes is a second to change your life.

Hope your friend gets well soon.

Actually in the newest video it was my friends helmet that he was using and it was the Predator DH6, I am still waiting for my TSG Pass. Local longboard shop went out of business just when I had ordered the helmet so had to order it from online. Tomorrow it should be here, should I make an unboxing video with my finnish hydraulic press channel accent?


Still no eboard here but I have one on the way and plan on getting a full face helmet. Im comparing the DH6, TSG pass and the M6. I’m starting to really like the TSG Pass in carbon fiber.


That’s the exact helmet I have. Thought I had ordered the fully black one : p almost went and bought this carbon version which is even more badass but way too expensive…

One word of advice with wearing these in the summer is to take it off as soon as you’re done riding. Assuming most of you cruise around 22-25mph you should be somewhat cool while riding but as soon as you stop you’ll be baking in it. I’d say just go slow and wear a regular helmet if you’re in a really humid environment…


the carbon one would have matched nicely with the evolve GT carbon.

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this is mine, but the visor that comes with it has an orange tint so I ordered and put a darker black tint visor.


It’d actually fit with your incoming board more than mine lol I will pic one of these up if I ever really fuck up the current (fingers crossed I don’t)

Also forgot you were the one that introduced the BB sub to the dh6 right? I almost got that exact one as well but cancelled once I heard about all the PASS’ features and the look…also thought having predator on the side of my face wasn’t the most flattering thing

yea I told the BB sub about DH6. I do think the TSG pass looks better, would have gotten that but I didn’t know about it. The predator works but it’s one size fits all. You get velcro and pads to make it smaller if you want.

Sorry to hear about your friend…I think I’m going to get a full face helmet now.

There are so many types of helmets out there…do you think you need a longboarding helmet specifically, or will a downhill biking helmet suffice? I’m a little lost of this stuff, just so many options!

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Just got my potential life saver


Don’t get a motorcycle helmet. Downhill biking helmet is better than a regular skate or bike helmet. Downhill longboarding helmet works best, it’s designed for the types of falls you will have going fast on a longboard. Plus they look the coolest.

For commuting in the city where I rarely go past 13mph because of pedestrians, traffic, etc. I like to wear my Bern Brentwood which is aesthetically pleasing in my opinion because it has that flip down visor so it looks like a hat. I do think a full face helmet is the best option. Like @Haimindo and @Jeff I ordered a TSG Pass, shortly after the accident. I still don’t think I have the nerve to go full speed for quite some time which is why I programmed speed limits on my VESC’s but investing in a full face is something I should have done even before attempting my dual build. @chaka has always been a big proponent for the full face but I always brushed it off as a luxury item or for hardcore downhill longboarders. But I’ve done a complete 180 from that kind of mentality. I’m already thinking about buying more just so I have extras for friends who want to ride with me. You can’t put a price on the value of someone’s well being, especially our loved ones. I think the experienced rider’s in here invest in a lot of safety gear and ride responsibly but I don’t think we should take it for granted that everyone who is just starting out is doing the same. We all like to talk top speed and making land missiles but we need to balance that talk with safety. I’m not making that mistake anymore because seeing friends get hurt fucking sucks.



I use a Triple8 Brainsaver. Allowed me to walk away from a fall that could have easily landed me in the hospital or worse. I rode for years without a helmet and thankfully came out with no major head injuries, but having kids (and getting an electric) changed all that.

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This is good point. I too use ERPM-limits when cruising in public places, mainly because the small EV law changed in January to allow e-longboards etc. that go max 25kmph and I dont want to be “that guy” who gets all e-longboards banned. Max speed is when you have safety equipment and you can be sure that you dont harm others (closed environment). But now I think the erpm limiter is for my own safety also.

Is there some kind of speed limit in the states?

I think it’s 20mph in California but not sure how strict they enforce that. I feel I’ve gotten a little too comfortable at high speeds but finally put the limiter on it because it’s just not worth the risk for me anymore. Going REALLY fast by yourself isn’t all that fun either. I enjoy riding with others and I don’t think we need to break speed records to do that, especially when we’re filming with different camera rigs and thinking about interesting angles, locations, etc.

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I’m actually going to get the Bell Super R2 MIPS for the summer since I don’t want to get all sweaty and soggy. I’m also going to get an armor jacket and wrist guard. Gonna go in full armor protection. Then when winter comes I’ll get the airbag jacket and TSG helmet. Hopefully I’ll never have a chance to put it all to the test :sweat_smile:

Edit: I’m actually having a hard time trying to figure out how to add knee protection on when I have to wear suits for work. Would appreciate any suggestion!

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I am using thin protectors below the suit

I am using G-Form: http://g-form.com/


The Vector M-6 deserves a look.

Can get them for about $220 and has vents.

Even in 100 degree temp with the visor open a few clicks its really not that hot.


I 100% agree with this…and that who “switch” turning on. When I was in my teens through my twenties, I rode skateboards without a helmet (not at skate parks though, I suck too badly at that) I used to fly down steep stairways with my mountain bike, I’m 36 now with a 1 year old daughter and in the past 6-8 years I never rode anything without a helmet, I might do a slow roll down my driveway, but that’s all.

I think my switch came on when I finished college and moved to a city where there were no bikers, scooters, skateboards, etc. really exist. Every once in a while I would see candles and flowers on a curb or one of those white bikes chained to a light pole where some pedestrian or biker died. There are way too many of these instances and too many hit-and-runs for me to take that risk. The helmet isn’t going to help much being hit by a car going fast, but something is better than nothing.

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I was thinking about something similar to that. While price isn’t so much of an issue, fit definitely is and downhill bike helmets are the only thing that seem to be available locally. I don’t want to buy a super safe downhill longboarding helmet online to find it doesn’t fit well, which isn’t safe either!

I’m wondering if you guys know, like that bell helmet is probably only good for one crash, are downhill longboarding helmets designed for multiple impacts, or just a one time deal as well?