Why helmets are one time use: Inspecting & Replacing your Lid

I’ve seen several people question if TSG Passes are one time use. And why? As most damage isn’t noticeable without inspection.

I put together a short video, Here:

As well the following pictures will show the EPS foam has become detached from the outer shell and twisted.

The following pictures show the permanently compressed foam on the right side of the helmet where the foam starts behind where the cheek pad would be.

Everyone remember, One and done. Replace your lids. It’s not about if it looks ok. It’s about if the breakaway/give mechanisms are still in place to protect you.

Inspect your lids, be safe.


Nice @Deckoz ! I think people forget about this part of safety. Don’t spend $2,000 on a sick board and risk your brains by being cheap about your helmets! Invest in yourself!


I agree… 2nd hand pads all day long… 2nd hand or damaged helmets, never. It is our biggest piece of safety to keep us alive.


Replacing helmets is fine but if I crash 60% of the time doing some gnarly tricks, I would be broke.

you steet skating or speedboarding? two different helmet types with two different purposes…

street skating helmet to asphalt is alot more common.

DH and fast esk8… I’ve had this helmet 10 months, fallen plenty of times and never smacked it…

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This is why i stick to 50-80 Euro safety verified helmets, it’s sad to know when you crash even a minor crash you need to trash 200 - 300 dollars due to the nature of helmets.

~30-35mph highside isn’t really minor… the damage just looks minor

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Nah, but you would also need to replace it even if you just slip and your head hits the ground.

I used to drive motorcross and mcs, i barely hit the ground on a crash at not even 10 mp/h when i came back to inspect the helmet the foam stuff on the inside was totally cracked but the helmet had no visible marks.

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