Why I sent back my Boosted V2 and built a 12s7p rocket!

My ppm pulse width seems to be fine. I am hoping it is just the remote/receiver causing the issue. I replicated the issue on the bench and i disconnected the receiver from the vesc as it was doing it and it stopped doing the weird motor dance which does point to it being the remote/receiver

Welcome…fuck boosted board lol not worth the money or the wait,nice build man,think 35mph is more accurate and is definitely more than enough!

Have you adjusted the throttle trim on your remote? That could cause it to always be on if set incorrectly, I think. I believe the right one is throttle and should be set at about 2 o’clock.

yep definitely messed with the trim i dont think its related to the issue

It might be vesc settings if you can’t find a sweet spot with trim,upload screenshot’s of your settings you’d be suprised what you miss sometimes.

That board has to weigh close to 28 pounds. Mine weigh 22 with a 4P in them.

28 lbs sounds about right its a little on the chubby side but I love it!!!

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Just simply turn the throttle potentiometer completely to one side. Then adjust the pulsewith in the VESC settings again. That fixed the issue for mine because the poti stopped giving false signals. If it doesn’t work try the other side as well. You also might set a very tight deadband which results in a constant on off by the signal.

Is the potentiometer the throttle trim knob on the mini remote thats supposed to be at the 2oclock position?

its like i tell my freinds: who cares how much it weighs. I’m not walking home with it. I 'll never be walking home with it. Two towns over i still have enough juice to get back.


Forget the 2 o’clock position. That is only that it is close to 1.50 when it is in idle. But you can adjust it in the VESC settings. So it doesn’t matter if your idle is at 1.30 or 1.70.

Chubby chaser lol more cushion for the pushin! …Except no pushin her! she’s electric and built to ride all day/night :wink:

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What size do you need? I have an extra one now.

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you mean the size of my remote/receiver??!

Awesome build and the range on that thing is incredible! But yeah 30 pounds is heavy, not sure what mine ways but somewhere near 15 or 20, boosted is nice and light but for $1600 come on. Also you said you were trying to make a fiberglass enclosure and you said “if you dont pass out from the fumes” does that mean you weren’t wearing a VOC respirator? Cause you REALLY should be. Resin fumes are pretty toxic as well the small particulate of the fiberglass that can get in the air. You’ll be fine just doing it that once, but form now on a recommend everybody uses a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) respirator to stay safe. Anyways great board and good luck getting it working!

Helmet! I have an extra full face.

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nice! I got a big noggin my motorcycle helmet is an XL same with my skate helmet

Ahhh me too. This is a large so it’s too small for you. I bought another xl. Much nicer. Still snugger than my xl moto helmet.

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Nice you’re the first one that I’ve heard mention the importance of a kick tail, I have an Evolve Carbon Gen 2 which has a tail and it’s one of the reasons I never switched to a GT.

Update- turns out the weird motor dance was due to a faulty remote/receiver. Thanks to @psychotiller I now have a working one. I ended up breaking one of my 6355 motors so the only rational thing to do was to buy @torqueboards 218mm trucks and dual 6374 motors for scientific purposes.

At first impression the 218mm trucks looked kinda funny to me and I was worried that they would feel weird. Turns out they carve like a champ! I then went for a longggg test ride. This is why I wanted to build the damn thing in the first place to pull off epic rides . When I got home I still had 60% battery left. Thanks 12s7p! The 6374 motors eat hills alive. The 6355 motors have similar acceleration and top speed but when it comes to hill climbing their is no comparison. Long live the 6374 motors.