Why is there no slide puck shaped thumb remote?

I am not talking about Hoyt St. I would like an actual puck shaped remote, in a 3d printed case I could velcro to my slide glove and easily replace if it gets worn down. How come nobody has come up with it yet? I started designing one to house the electronics of my Maytech remote but I am by no means an expert in 3d design and gave up on it since it took too much time. Surely though someone else could come up with something we could use.


Anyone up to the task?

The problem I foresee is trusting the integrity and reliability of the internal parts from taking that kind of abuse and impact on a regular basis… I’m not saying it can’t be done but we have to use way better Parts than what we’re currently using for the guts of the remote


Remote manufacturers should think about what happens when you fall

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One way I can see to make any set of remote electronics more durable would be to pot all the non-moving parts in epoxy, leaving just the potentiometer/trigger, charging port and on/off switch exposed. If there’s suitable interest, I can try my hand at designing/printing one. I’m no expert either, but I have some experience, and a printer with PLA, PETG, and nylon filament at the moment.

I don’t have a maytech remote handy to gut, but if you can send me some photos of the innards with scale, and some desired dimensions of the final puck, I can try to design around them.


I’ve thought about adding Velcro to the button side of Hoyt and placing button side towards palm on the slide gloves and slapping a slide puck velcro’d onto the backside of the Hoyt. Just worried about the repeated concrete slaps…

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The Hoyt remote would still get damaged - the wood is so soft…

I still think the solution is having a minimal amount of remote parts in the palm of your hand. Wear the majority of the internals on the back of your hand or your wrist like a watch. Then something attaches to the Palm or finger to allow throttle control and use an oversized normal slide puck as a slide puck


I thought about this, but aside from durability of the casing I found that the location of the puck (assuming the usual circle around your palm) in relation to the thumb makes for a very uncomfortable thumbwheel.

Not to mention the possibility of triggering the wheel while the puck is sliding on the ground…

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Every Hoyt Puck is scratched across its face. When you fall, it becomes a slider. This thread may be on the right track.

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It does not have to be able to withstand the abuse of a normal slide puck. Just be rugged enough to take the occasional fall or to use if you need to make a shut down (Coleman slide). Here is the inside of the Maytech 20181024_130727


The potentiometer and power button would have to be de-soldered in order to be placed around the perimeter of the puck.

I did that vary thing. Probably been done before but here’s my set up. It’s been working fine so far with minimal scratching on remote casing.


You say no Hoyt puck but this whole post seems super silly… just Velcro a replaceable pad to the puck.

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