Why not make a balance charger with these

ive seen higher power ones too.

I imagine I’d find a 13 prong plug for all the balance wires of my 12s pack and have 12 of these in a box all connecting to another 13 prong plug. why wouldnt I want to do this? seems a simple cheap and safe balance charger.


:beers: for science!

DO IT!!! and make me one…

my ebike buddy made a 80 single cell charger with a metric fuckton of these units.

He charges each single single before building a pack… i’ll ask him for a picture


This way you will not really balance charge a whole pack just each cell individually

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but if each cell is balanced…what’s the difference?


Connect these in paralel and you can use a phone charger to charge them

if he has any advice I’m interested how he hooks up the power source. I imagine a phone charger wouldn’t put out the amps needed. @Acido I think I’ll have to get a high amp and low voltage power supply too. a fuckton of these is cheaper than a 12s balance charger …as it’s not even available

apparently he uses two 60A 5V power supplies

do I want a supply that puts out more than all the little modules all added together, or do I want the modules to be able to put out more than the supply? I’m guessing I want a higher power supply than the modules.

Here ya go. 5v 72a power supply for 30 bucks

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i purchased a bunch of tp4056’s for cheap from china(ebay). I have all these old phone batteries that are 3.7v 2000mah plus so i wired them to a bunch a stuff (flash lights/remotes/rc remotes/bluetooth speakers/etc) and use the tp4056 to charge them. In my experience, i feel like they charge at 1 amp which isn’t great but serves my purposes. I made a 4 battery 18650 sled that was wired to one of these but it took a while to charge 4 Sammy 25r’s for obvious reasons.

But i wouldn’t use these in replacement as a 12S charger… would be pretty shitty, 12S 1A

they make higher amp versions. be a nice single plug solution if I could get it up to maybe …8 amps I’d be happy. don’t see any 8amp single lipo chargers out there though. 5 or even 4 amps I’d do it. hard to come back from blasting a pack with 9amps

I would not go too crazy on the charge current, 1-2A is probably the max you can go through the balance leads (safely)

it’d be an 18650 pack and I’d add the balance leads

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My phone charger has 4 ports 2.4 amps max each at 5v so that would be about 10amps of power if you merge them in 1 cable

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Have you tried charge only BMS and a laptop style charger before and didn’t like it?

Got BMS for $25 from forum member. 6amp charger for $100, also can get 4amp charger for $85 or saw 10amp for $130

I use a 50v adjustable power supply now and I’ll balance on the side with a “discharge balancer” and it works but would like a single plug option where everything is external from the board. I got an 8amp 50v for 60$ with a led screen and knob. I have a couple different ones but that was the cheapest.

how about 12 of these?

paired with a 5 v supply that does…(12x3 amps)…36 amps?

but I need to be reminded: how come I wont end up with a bunch of shorts if I hook 12 of these to a power supply and then to all my cells that are already in series?

Why wouldn’t you connect to BMS like this and use your power supply if it is cc/cv?