Why so high amps?

As i’m asembling my parts for an E-board build I keep seeing enormus amp ratings.

  • 70A motor
  • 150A ESC
  • 5000mah battery @ 20C discharge

I’m not sure if i’m correct but aren’t these dangerous to work with ? (able to kill a human) Why do we need so high amp ratings ?

anything over 70millamps can fry a human so yes can be very dangerous. we need so high because thats what our motors work at.

As long as you don’t eat the amps you’ll be alright.


You need high voltage as well for it to be dangerous. Generally anything below 50 volts is no danger.

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Those ratings are maximum theoretical ratings and are nowwhere close to realistic Amps you’ll see when running an e-board. As long as the current doesnt pass through your heart or your brain you’ll be perfectly fine, so whatever you do, don’t connect the output of your ESC to your earlobes or put the lipo leads in your belly button or any other orifices :sunglasses:


Best advice I ever heard!