Why your motor wires should be fatter than your battery wires

just as people will often set the motor amp setting on the vesc double what people set the battery amp setting, there are double the amps, and with the square relationship of losses and heat produced in the wires being current squared x resistance, the doubling of amps will give something like a four fold increase in losses and heat produced, and more as the increase in heat also increases the resistance.


The motor amps are pulsed though and not constant, plus they are not all in-use simultaneously. There is cool-down time on the motor wires, unlike the battery wires.


the voltage is pulsed and the current is constant.

true the motor wires will only have current for half the time and it could cool a bit but half the time at 100amps in a 16awg wire is just giving a bit more time to cool a bad situation.

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There shouldn’t be 16AWG wire in any of the parts, that’s way too small.

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Think that focbox has 16 awg on the motor wires

FOCBOX has 14AWG and that’s small

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How thick are the wires from your motor again @Hummie? Wouldnt the general rule be to match the gauge coming from the motor?

molds are curing for a sleeve going around the magnet wire (17awg) having it come out of the motor and then will solder the leads there. got lots of 10 awg and 12 awg and will likely do the 10awg for myself. Like the look of the big wires and makes sense to go bigger whenever possible. I want a super efficient vehicle and bigger everything does that.

Well that’s shit on my next build I will change them :confused:

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