Wide ass decks with cutouts

starting to plan the next build, it’s gonna be a 12s5p flat pack.

it seems 10 cells latitudinally (10x6 cells) will be at least 8 inches:

so…i’m looking for a deck that’s at least 10" in width.

only real requirement, aside from being able to fit the components, is it needs to have deep cutouts to prevent wheel bite, and not be a super flexible (ie loaded icarus, etc).

i have my eyes on the bustin ibach, but it seems to have some wild W and bacon concave. another is the db longboards paradigm.

are you aware of any decks that may fit the bill? that is, at least 10" wide with wheel cutouts.


That is wide. Most wide boards have that w concave kind of thing. What about asking @treenutter if he can make you an extra wide of his red embers?


yup, already got an order in for a caldera. just trying to find a backup.

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The Jaseboard moko deck I’m using is concave but only 9.5 inches across. Has cutouts for a wheel

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https://hamboards.com/collections/biscuits ahaha But seriously, I think they have long and wide boards as well Edit: but you need cut outs, so doesn’t work

10 inch options are out there… past that though, gravity decks don’t have trucks wider so they don’t have decks wider…

Umm I would just stack the batteries on top of each other. A 10in wide deck is gonna be really annoying unless you only want to go strait. And for 4w drive yeah longer and slimmer would be good. I own the DB Longboards Paradigm handles like s*it as a e-skate great as a regular downhill though. It’s mostly picking it up to carry that’s annoying because with the batteries and everything its gonna be heavy and wide is a bad thing in that case very hard to get a good grip on while walking.

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Does it have to be a double drop?

Have you checked out Red Ember Boards? @treenutter any thoughts?

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look at post numero dos

(sry in spanish right now)


I just woke up

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Sick battery layout! But shit …this is really wide :confused: I don’t think bustin ibach can stand such wide cut out. Look for 9 ply decks and reinforce it with cf.

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Landyachtz Switch / Switchblade

Size matches your needs, but curve might cause a problem since its not a basic u curve.

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How about this? http://www.longboardshop.de/shop/product_info.php?cPath=78&products_id=3316

just got it in the mail. Just for fun as a freeride deck. Wanted to try the single drop in front. its wide enough and super flat for mounting.

my current 12s4p build is two cells stacked but hate how tall the enclosure is. and carrying around isn’t an issue when you got a handle…

definitely not, trucks will probably be top mounted.

i think i’m gonna try the db longboards paradigm deck, even tho @Dariks thinks it’s a bad idea.

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Wouldnt it be easier just to make it one cell longer