WidowMaker I Skate Deck I 149kv SK3 I Caliber Trucks I 83mm Flywheels

Hey Guys! So finally getting into the building of the board. I got my inspiration from the A2ESK8 electric skateboard. It is a cheap skateboard deck which is perfectly stiff for my weight (175lb/80kg). Mounted the trucks on the kicks. I’m using caliber trucks, and 83mm clone flywheels. Using the DIYElectricSkateboard motor mount v4. I’ll start with 6s, i know it’ll be slow. I’ll later upgrade either to 12s or but another higher kv motor. I have a question, my brother sawed off the motor shaft for a previous mountainboard, which left me with a shorter shaft. I don’t think it’ll be a problem since 2 of 4 of the set screws touch the shaft perfectly. The other 2 also but are in the middle. I’ll be using threadlock, you guys think i’ll be safe?

I will post more pictures as i go along. Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Another question, the motor c-clip barely touches the motor mount. Should i grind the motor mount or put some washers in the motor screws? Thanks!!

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The Motor Shaft is not reaching the Gear Hub’set screw , you will have to install with hub towards motor .

I know, but there are 2 more set screws were the gears are. On the picture you can barely see one.

The c-clip touches, its fine.

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Great!! Thanks!

???..The C clip should Not touch the mount , it should spinn freely with the shaft.

SK3 motors on torqueboards mounts, they c-clip touches the mount

Well it should not touch !

I would grind a bevel on inside edge till it did not touch

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Yeah, technically they shouldn’t be touching. They are fine and you can ride them like that. Any of the new motor mounts don’t touch even with the Sk3. Of course, it’s better if the cir-clip doesn’t touch. For my motors, the cir-clip is recessed for this reason.

You just don’t want the cir-clip to break as the cir-clip holds the motor together.

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New update. Got the motor mounted and wired. Mounting was easier than expected. Things aligned pretty good. Used threadlock on every bolt. I am 3d printing an enclosure for the battery. The ESC will be uncovered, since it’s pretty big and it is waterproof. Here are some pictures. I should’ve bought the green flywheels, i don’t like the color combination of black and purple. But it doesn’t bother me that much.

Any suggestions? Thanks!!!

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Hey guys! Having some trouble with my board. I tried it today, i rode for about 2 miles. And i noticed that the motor started making some noise. What can it be? Please any ideas? Should i just keep riding? Thanks.

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Please, anyone?

Sounds like something might be lodged inside? You may have to take the bell off the motor, which sucks. Or, it kinda sounds like the belt rubbing on something. Maybe take the belt off and see if it still makes the noise.

I think it might be the c clip from the sk3 shaft that grinds the motor mount. Do you think i could drop a tiny bit of oil to see if anything changes? Bad idea? Will i short something out? Thanks.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to grind the mount down a bit. You’ll probably need to take the pulley off the shaft and spin it to see if that is truly the issue. The SK3’s don’t have a recessed clip so hopefully the clip is not damaged. I don’t suggest oil in the motor. I’ve killed a motor doing that in the past.

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Well, i stripped the head on one of the screws that hold the motor… F%$k. I don’t know what to do.

Time for a drill and channel locks!

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I’ll probably wait a day or two for the anger to settle down, haha. I don’t know. I will probably dremel a groove and use a flathead screwdriver. Thanks!

Probably a better idea.Yup. I have a whole in my garage wall from shit like that. :rage:

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Hey I would recommend using angled risers to dewedge your front and (especially) your rear trucks. The kicks of that deck put the trucks at a pretty extreme angle. Meaning you are going to kill all your lean and your bushings are going feel much harder

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