Wife wants things gone sale [US]

I have a few items that I want to sell. Priced is listed and buyer pay shipping. Everything working. Price is negotiable. Shipping from California. If you see anything you like make me an offer.

  1. Wowgo esc and remote and enclosure. Working no problem at all. Sold.


  1. Meepo v1.5 esc hub, remote and enclosure. Sold. Black or green remote.


  1. Meepo 1.5 hub motors. Sold

IMG_20190331_024744 IMG_20190331_024749

  1. I forgot what kind of hub motors. The orange hub motors. $40.

IMG_20190331_024612 IMG_20190331_024606 5. Evolve pintail esc and bms. It was taken from a working evolve pintail. I lost the remote. Asking price (I have no idea).

IMG_20190331_025115 IMG_20190331_025108

  1. Evolve pintail deck. Asking price $30? IMG_20190331_214617 IMG_20190331_214625

  2. 2 racerstar 5065 200kv motors. Keeping it .


  1. Evolve motor asking $50. IMG_20190331_111241 IMG_20190331_111248 IMG_20190331_111231 IMG_20190331_111234

  2. Propdrive 5060 270kv motor asking $25. One of the screw hole was rethreaded to m4 size.
    IMG_20190331_111136 IMG_20190331_111125 IMG_20190331_111132 Will add more. Later.

@dareno if you are still looking for a meepo esc. :wink:

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where are you from?

Added location. :slight_smile:

@Wilsonliang777 what size are the hubs both meepo and orange ones?

Would take the orange hubs

they are sensored? Are they working? You know the kv? Still thinking what shipping to eu will be

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The orange hubs are working fine about 7 months ago. One was used for less than 20 miles and with original pu on it. The other orange one has more milage on it and the PU was replaced. After replacing the PU I noticed a little bumpping sound on it I turn on it. I think (not sure) these hubs were maytech 90mm hubs 60 kv. I am not sure. I actually have 3 of these. One broke that why one is one is newer than the other. Sensored hubs.

Do you really want to ship it to EU? Shipping will be expensive. I will ship if you are willing to pay.

Both 90mm hubs.

California 94565 near San Francisco area

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I’ll take the wowgo ESC + remote. Down for a pick up? Where is 96565

ok just saw shipping is to much. But thank you anyways :slight_smile:

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To the top. Pls. Price is negotiable.

Update. Meepo/wowgo hubs sold, wowgo eac sold, meepo esc sold.

I’ll take the Red Racerstar 5065 200kv motor, if still available. Sending PM.

Sorry. I found a use for the racerstar and keeping them.