Wii nunchuck doesn't work as planned [SOLVED] thanks for help

Hello there esk8 builders! :slight_smile: I decided to do an electric longboard as a project for a school grade. I wanted to do my control system by myself, but I’ve ran in to some problems. I went with a cheap setup. I have bought these parts: -Motor:turnigy-aerodrive-sk3-6374-192kv -ESC:hobbyking YEP 120A (my plan is to control it with arduino and wireless nunchuk) -Battery (2):[ZIPPY Flightmax 5800mAh 3S 30C ] (https://hobbyking.com/en_us/zippy-flightmax-5800mah-3s1p-30c.html) (I realized later after some research that I should have used a higher voltage, but it will work) -wireless Wii nunchuck:Nintendo Wii Playfect Rechargeable Wirel… -programming card i don’ have it yet but that’s the one (this will help me setup brakes and everything)

I have some background knowledge about programming (arduino and C) (not much tho) (I study electro highschool engineering…) I started doing prototype control with an original wii nunchuck, and a servo motor (as throttle) and it worked! But whenever I plug the wireless nunchuk, the module and nunchuck bind, but there isn’t any data going through. Only the indicator light on the module blinks when I press one of the buttons on the nunchuck.

Can anyone help me? Does anybody know where to direct me? Maybe I need to change the Baudrate? If anyone has any comments on my setup feel free to help :slight_smile: im still new to this. Sorry for English mistakes there must be a ton… I live in Europe by the way.

What module?

I have wiiciever I’m not using, I’d offer it to you but your whole project is about you doing this reciever by yourself?

What are you plugging the nunchuck receiver into? Maybe more specifically, what device would you be changing the baud rate on? I’m pretty familiar with the setup on the vesc, but it doesn’t look like that’s what you’re using…

thank you for your offer :slight_smile: i live in europe so i guess the shipping would be on me ;). But the point is that I resove problems by myself or with your help (thank god i found this website).

I plug the nunchuck reciever tho the I2C pins on the arduino (in my case analog 4 and 5 pins, 5V, and gnd). I use an old wii nunchuck library that works.

Correct, this is not a vesc setup, but I plan on programing the ESC with a prog. card and arduino (hopefully I will get the brake going).

Got it. Just trying to get the whole visual. Sounds like you’re going to use the Arduino to turn the nunchuck’s signal into a pwm signal for the speed controller. Good for you!

My gut says try the baud at 9600. Can you link the Arduino library you’re using?

Sure! It’s this one

Just to make things clear, wii nunchuck works on an actual wii, it just doesn’t work on my prototype setup yet…

As far as im aware only the nyko kama or memorex brand wireless nunchucks work. It was something to do with the code i think… someone on here found it once but i didnt hear much back from them.

do you mean work on wiiciever?

I found this post, really usefull for me haha wiiceiver controller

Ah yeah that was the thread i was thinking of. And he references that nunchuck you got. Hmm i dont know then.

I live in Europe too, so it shouldn’t be too expensive.

All I need is the code he wrote, I’m going to write him a message soon.

What are you using to connect the receiver to the Arduino? Something like the board referenced in this post? https://todbot.com/blog/2008/02/18/wiichuck-wii-nunchuck-adapter-available/#more-224

Really? That would be awsome! Always good to have a backup if anything goes wrong. Like I said this project is still all about me making the thing because I’m being graded a month later, I have to report what I’ve done…

Yes I saw that post, I am using a cheap little adapter from ebay. However the code provided there doesn’t work, or I don’t understand it or how to use it…

I know this is different than the way you’re trying to go about it, but this is a video I saw before about using a regular Wii remote:

Found the original Austin David code, I seems to work fine, (I havent motor tested it yet, but the motor works) I love to code, and I will most likely use it all the time. I have a little problem though, my nunchuck isn’t calibrated (the neutral joystick position is not zero, serial monitor says 0.1667). If I plug the classic wired nunchuck, the neutral position is 0.1200. so I guess It’s fine?

Everything is fine now, figured the calibration. The board is runnig and I absolutely love it.