Wii nyko kama nunchuck turns off Vesc

Hi!, on the same subject… I went for a drive yesterday and now the Vesc x (enertion) won’t turn on while the reciver is attached. do you have any ideas? I checked if one of the wires touches the others. Maybe I burned it somehow? Thanks, Tomer

Please upload pictures of your setup and VESC screen shots. It helps us help you.

This is my first build so forgive me if I have done something stupid…

its really hard to see the kama wires in that picture. can you get any closer?

As close as I can get while in focus. UPDATE- when I disconected the black GND the vesc-x didn’t turned off

it is really hard to tell from the pictures but make sure the blue and black on the receiver are not bridged. Those are massive solder spots that could be touching.

Thanks, so in your opinion the only thing I can do is to make sure that the wires are not bridged in any way? I used it for a day before it stoped working…

I have no opinion on this - I don’t know what caused your error and your pictures are only very low resolution. What I said was just the first thing I noticed.

show us the wires where it actually connects to the VESC

From the looks of it you did not use proper heat shrink and you also have the receiver exposed. Maybe a short fried your receiver? Really hard to tell from just looking at it.

Tried to increase the image resolution I removed the heat shrink in order to look for bridged wires. Is there a way to see if the receiver is fried?