[WIKI] Approved Battery Builders

A list of approved Battery Builders / Shops Please provide Information if you bought a battery from one of these builders and experienced any problems

Worldwide eBoards Peru @Eboosted Custom builds for his enclosures

US only Psychotiller @psychotiller eSk8Life @thisguyhere Custom builds Hyper Ion Systems@ hyperIon1 @ hyperIon2 Custom batteries (PM only?) Special shipping

EU only @pjotr47 Instagram Custom builds PM only @Acido PM only UNiKBOARDS @ okp eSkating @ fottaz @darkkevind

UK only Street-Wing @ DavidBanner (currently PM only)

Australia only @TinnieSinker Custom builds(PM only) Marsen @Marsen Custom batteries

Not sure yet Long Haired Boy @longhairedboy Chiboards Battery Systems @barajabali (broken webpage so PM only?) ElectricBoardSolutions @ e.board_solutions Alien Power System @ ALIENPOWERSYSTEM1 PWR-Boards @ OskarCastrone @ PWR-BOARDS DIYElectircSkateboards @ torqueboards

more to be added



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Love you!

10000 charmandersScreenshot_20181221-190921_Chrome

@barajabali I think you are us only?

@Eboosted Are you worldwide?

@pjotr47 Are you eu?idk

@willpark16 hahahahahahaha


:grin: you said you only do US, so i thought i don’t like US only

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Definitely put @hyperIon1 and @hyperIon2. I bought a battery from them. It came to my door in about 3 weeks and they were really helpful and responsive.

Edit: not sure where they ship to


am i stupid? i don’t see any battery packs, just cells

Forgot to mention the man himself @TinnieSinker covering Aus

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I bought it through them directly. I just pm’ed em

Links for a few

PM only or can you provide a link? Also Aus only?

esk8life.com isn’t working

His site was down the other day too. That’s no bueno. That’s the right link so leave it for now and we’ll see if it gets sorted.

http://chibatterysystems.com/ is also broken - page not found on homepage

I’ve been shipping worldwide lately without issues, but I’ve heard horror stories from other builders in the past concerning customs and problems with safety hazards. Knock on wood

are you also doing custom builds, or only whats listed on your webpage?

is @darkkevind still building batteries in the UK?


Can u update esk8life website to


Still need to install an ssl cert

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This is a great idea.

I will be needing a battery before summer and this helps a lot. Thank you