[WIKI] Cameras for Skatevids

Here comes the overview of cameras to film your ride

Please give some input on what you’re using, so we can increase the list and so that everyone on the search can find what he wants

I’ll categorize them to make it easier to find the right one

Action cams

  • GoPro Hero 7 Black

    • Ideal for: Action sports
    • HyperSmothVideo - digital stabilization
    • waterproof up to 10m
    • 4K 60
    • FHD 240
    • HDR
    • GPS
    • Live streaming
  • Insta360 One X

    • Ideal for: Action sports
    • FlowState Stabilization (digital)
    • 5.7K 30
    • 4K 50
    • 3K 100
    • HDR


  • DJI Osmo Pocket
    • Ideal for: normal use
    • 4K 60
    • Needs Smartphone for full features

more to come


Check out the Sony HDR-AZ1VR Action Cam Mini with Live View Remote Watch. It’s what I use and I have zero complaints.


The Yi 4K action cam is great on the budget, somehow it’s only $100 on Amazon which is crazy cause it’s a good Hero 4 or 5 competitor. If your gonna go with a knockoff GoPro it’s the only one I’d recommend.

I’ve now moved onto the GoPro Hero 5 Session I got for like $130 “refurbished” but literally brand new. It’s better for racing drone footage because of how compact it is. However no swappable battery’s and only about an hour of battery life kinda sucks for anything other than drone stuff.

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Olfi one-five with WiFi remote, 1st gen with 4K though I prefer 1080p 60ffs

I would not recommend using the HERO 7, it randomly shuts off and the battery dies hella fast

The black version? Havent heard of any self shut off, but will google it Currently it’s my favourite to buy

Can I just drop this here…

Skip the boring unboxing bit - the ride footage is worth it. I’m seriously impressed with this camera straight out the box


Ya my cousin is the manager of the Monster Energy Instagram account and the film team refuses to use hero 7 because they are too unreliable

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damn that shits impressive

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Yeah it’s a great little camera man. The software is gawd awful though! They will sort it out I know but damn right now on Android it’s shocking

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Every camera works just fine, as long as you know how to shoot. If you get a phone gimbal, it also fits action cams and the footage is so smooth. If you’re with someone, than a bigger DSLR or mirrorless camera is the way to go. Because you don’t have to worry, just esk8


Had the same issues with my GoPro 6 in the beginning. After some fw updates i don’t have this issue anymore. Could imagine it’s the same with the 7 or you just have a faulty battery.

And where the drones to record videos? :joy:

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@Mikenopolis is giving them away like candy


This is what I like about the Insta360, because of the nature of a 360 camera you do not have to frame it at all so you can just concentrate on the skating and you can still get some sick videos

it’s a battery issue, better to change a new battery or replace a new Hero7 if you can

You make it sound like I’m Herbert the Pervert image


How sturdy is the one x? Will it survive if I fall/it slams on the ground? Is it water proof? How fast is a 128gb sd card filled? Thats my issue on that thing, while I record everything and can choose afterwards I also have to save everything

If you or it slams it’s toast most likely. You have two 200 degree lenses, one on each side. If you scratch one of those it’s game over. Not sure on the memory card but the battery lasts 45 mins (and is removable). Not waterproof but probably splashproof

Osmo action just released. https://www.dji.com/mobile/osmo-action?site=brandsite&from=mobile_landing_page

Looks nice but disappointed there’s no gps.