Will DickyHo 5055 Motors fit these mounts?

Will @dickyho 5055 180kV motor: (this) fit the Boosted V1 motor mount? (pics below)

IMG_0580 IMG_2443

Derp, edit. Didn’t see the red writing on the photo.

I have basically the same motors on my riptide. I’ve got about 5 inches worth of room for motors. So width wise looks like you have enough room.

I literally just put loctite on all my pulleys and bolts yesterday or I’d measure bolt pattern for you. Im sure @dickyho knows the measurements.

thank you, I’ll wait and see if dickyho says its compatible if it is ill go ahead and order

I don’t have time to look what information they have listed on their site but they’re basically the same motors or at least the same bolt pattern as


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thank you, I mean I can always drill a hole in the motor mount haha

So how did this go? I got lucky and my boosted motors are in working condition but theyre probably going to go eventually :man_shrugging: