Will it work? | Kicktail deck | Carvon 2.5 single hub | Carvon VESC | Space Cell 10s3P | Enertion nano controller

Hi all - finally ready (I think) to start putting my first build together. Want to see if the community thinks it will work, or offer any wisdom.

Deck: Kicktail deck I already have Motor: TORQUE Single Hub Motor Kit VESC: DIYES VESC Battery: SPACE Cell 3 (10s3P setup) Controller: Included Nano X controller (comes with the battery pack).

Speed is not critical to me - I live in a city so it’s pretty start and stop. However, I will be riding in bike lanes so I would like to be able to max out around 20 mph if possible - again not critical. My bigger concern is a reliable battery. I plan to take this on the subway so I need something that looks pretty stealth since technically there’s a ban on electric “vehicles.”

From everything I have read, a single Carvon hub motor seems like it should do the trick. I weigh about 190 lbs and the terrain is largely flat, save for a bridge with a very moderate incline.

Basically I just want check that this thing isn’t going to overheat and combust, and that it will be able to get me form A to B. I anticipate my longest there-and-back ride being 6 miles max, so hoping this setup can handle that.

Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated!

Looks good. Enertion VESC is made in the USA and DIY’s is made in china. Enertion VESCs seem to be higher quality as well. Just a thought.

I thought it was the opposite. Im pretty sure more people, according to polls, have more problems with Enertions. May be wrong though.

Were a lot of posts about faulty DIY vesc’s and bad solder jobs, would go with enertion

Both of those are far from beign perfect.

VESC-X ( also from Enertion ) seems to be good tho.

For proven quality VESC: @chaka has very good reputation and amazing customer service. Consider buying there if the price isnt a big issue.

Terrible is quite the overstatement, and for you to promote the other vesc-x which is not even really proven to be the better vesc. Is odd.

Thanks for your feeeback.

There are so many people complaining about Enertion VESCs all over the web that I cant say nice things about it.

Also, I havnt said vesc-x is super, neither im promoting it, just said it SEEMS TO BE good from what I’ve seen so far and the tech details provided by Enertion.

Probably because enertion sells 50x as much and not many people who buy DIY are on the forum.

The newer Enertion vesc (made in the USA) has been pretty solid for me so far. The boards look pretty well assembled too.

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I was reading the forum, and I found this thread. What I just ordered happened to be EXACTLY this build! Carvon VESC, 2.5 single hub, enertion Battery with controller. I was wondering if you had any updates on it? Is it done yet? If so, what are the specs? Thanks!