Will these work together?

Will these parts play well together?

Evolve GT AT Kit + TB 218 mm trucks + TB Mounts + TB 6374 Motors





Yep, they will work well together well. But you will have to get 2 extra skate bearings for the pulleys as Evolve have a 10mm axle.

@BoostedBuilder what kind of bearings do I need? Do you have a link where I can purchase them

You can probably make the trucks work. You would have to dremmel/machine about 10mm off of the hanger though on both sides.

We’ll have a CNC Precision Truck option soon but it won’t be cheaper unfortunately. The 218mm TB Trucks will be a cheaper option.


Don’t you have an extended axle by 11mm on the 218mm trucks? I tried putting them on a while back and there was still a couple of mm of axle left for the nut! When can we expect the precision truck!!?? Sounds exciting : )

@DeathByBacon you could just ask Evolve to send you 2 standard skate bearings instead of the 10mm bearings.

This sounds very interesting. Do you have an estimate when they will be available?

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@BoostedBuilder @Namasaki Main design is complete. Just working closer to a finished hub motor design as well that way they are equal and compatible. Then a few samples and testing will be made and we’ll probably do a short beta testing batch first. We’ll be able to use RipTide Bushings for flexibility in bushing choices. There will be a few axle options to utilize Evolve AT wheels, Trampa Wheels and anything that people will want/suggest.

So the beta test if nothing is wrong 1 month and we’ll start a beta run. I will post on the forums when we’re ready for the beta test. If everything is good, we’ll look at having these new truck options in stock.


Maybe I’ll just hold off my Evolve GT Clone build for now and wait for the new tb trucks.

@DeathByBacon waiting for the latest is like waiting for the the next iphone :slight_smile: :cry: jk… these should be available soon.


Can hardly wait to see um!