Will this controller be oK?

Hi, Just started to research for my build, want to build a dual hub board, wondering if this is man enough? 50 amps

Im not looking to go off road, just want a fast ish board Is there a budget controller out there i could concider maby ?

Some more details would be helpful for your build. What size battery? What hubs? What kind of speed are you trying to achieve?

Hi sorry, im looking for medium speed, not looking for max speed but would like to go fast, Im confident in battery builds i can build any battery configurarion, 10s 4p i was thinking, just need to know what sort of current speed controller i would need really

I dont really know what hubs i will need yet, could you reccomed one ? Think i will be using 62mm twin motors

That motor controller is good for 10S FOC @ 50 Amps. You don’t actually need 63XX motors, you could go as small as 5065 and run those at 50 Amps. If your entire system is limited to closer to 50 Amps, then you might aswell buy motors which fit into that, i.e torqueboard 6355, KEDA 63-54 or even Flipsky H6368 (In my testing they’ve been pretty nice, quiet in foc etc.)

Your speed is controlled by gearing, wheel size and voltage. If you’re on 10S @ 15:36T 90mm wheels, I belive the top speed averages out in the mid-high 20s (mph). You can always swap to 107s for more speed, or a larger motor pulley.

Ok, think i better reseaech a bit more, was womdering is there a good build i could copy or get good infomfrom, id like to go fast for sure but not rediciously fast, as that cost ££££

If you are running 10s4p that controller would work fine. You keep saying fastish but not fast, thats not descriptive enough. For example with hubs on 10s you wont break 25mph. MOST hubs also arent that expensive. I don’t have enough experience myself with hubs to recommend one, though.

Ok think i may need to research a bit more its difficult to know what to start with

I’ll be glad to find you some links for things later tonight if you tell me your budget and more of what you’re trying to accomplish. Feel free to message me if you don’t find your answers.

Thanks, think i may upgrade a bit and go for a 12s 4p battery and buy bigger motor

My flipsky dual vesc died on the first two hours. Just saying…