Will this work safely?


So i have dual vescs and need to split my xt90 power into 2 xt90s, but i dont have the connectors. So i have soldered 2 12awg wires to the xt90, on both terminals, then i plan on using bullet connectors WITH SHRINK WRAP AND ELECTRICAL TAPE COMPLETELY COVERING the connections so there is no chance of a short circuit. Assuming i safely cover up these connectors so the bullets cant touch each other, will this work safely?

Modded xt90 https://imgur.com/a/vcIykCV

Note: i am just an idiot with a soldering iron

Cheers, Ben

Just order some sets of xt90 Or go to your local rc shop and buy some

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Xt90 splitters with 1 female on 1 end are pretty much only in china, so would take 3 weeks to get to the eu. This is only temp until my focbox unity arrives.

I just kind of want to know if this is safe

I mean just get some single plugs and solder your own parallel plug https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/ref=is_s?k=xt90

Just to get your question right, you want to plug the female bullets into the male xt90 right?

Okay here is the “final” setup so you can see what i was going for http://imgur.com/a/vyZzBAh

The only ones i can find online are 2x female xt90 to 1x male which is for multiple battery packs. I need 1 battery pack to go to 2 vescs

Looks like ive fucked one of the VESCS with an ABS OVER CURRENT error appearing any time i push the throttle at all on the test bench. It cant do bdlc or foc detection without failing, even though the battery current limit is set to 30A and the motor limit 40A. Do you happen to know if this is a dead vesc or if I can salvage it? Again even at 5A testing speed bdlc detection spins the motor for 1 millisecond then does nothing.

If you want I can solder such a connector/splitter for you. I am also in the eu so shipping wouldn’t be expensive

That picture is of my own splitter I made. I ended up getting a ABS current fault, dont know if you know anything about that either

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I have no experience with abs over current. Share your VESC settings first. So other people can help you :slight_smile:

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