Will VESC's work with this setup?

I just finished building a mountain board (10" pneumatic knobby tires) with this electronic setup. It works great, but it starts terrible. The motors just chatter like crazy on startup. But once I get it going it runs great.

I’m thinking I need to swap out the Jeti Spin Pro ESC’s for ESC’s that are designed for electric skateboards. I like the VESC in theory, but I’ve heard a lot of folks are smoking them. Will this config work with the VESC? Any tips to avoid smoking them?

Thanks very much.

I think the reason your having problems is your using
6s on a 190kv motor according to your diagram there not in series

Those are $500 ESC! Crazy. Yeah you really need to run those batteries in series not parallel. Also of you’re running a uncensored setup the motors will jitter if you start from a standstill. What’s your current gearing for motor and wheels?

I’d recommend focbox. They are around$150. They work good for most setups

Unless someone says the sensors won’t fit keda motors you would be able to use them in combination with a vesc for better low speed startup

Focbox has direct fets for better cooling.

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I don’t know if those ESCs will have regenerative brakes, or brakes at all, and if they do, if they will be smooth enough to not toss you off the board.

Yes, I was

Right now you’re kind-of limited to FOCBOX or ESCape, and FOCBOX aren’t available at the moment. The ESC market is in a transition at this point in time.