Willing to buy anyone's spare ESC (For RC car)

If anyone has a spare ESC, I’ll buy it. Could be anything ranging from cheapo HobbyWing ESCs to DRV Faulted VESCs.

It’ll be for my brother’s RC car I’m trying to rebuild on the cheap. Everything is intact on it, just missing ESC and battery.

Speaking of batteries…if anyone has a 2s 5000 mah lipo they would be willing to part with…:wink:

I accidentally bought the wrong esc when I first started. It’s 6s I think. I’ll sell it cheap, I have no use for it. I think it was a hobbywing 120a 6s, if I’m not mistaken. Never used.

I’ve got a HK 120a 6s (OPTO) in its package, never used.

I got a Alien ESC 2-7S 120A Car/Jet ESC slightly used, pm me if interested.

I have a new enertion vesc

I’m talking with @JLabs about his ESC. If I end up not getting his, I’ll give an update.