Willing to buy anyone's VESC | Need one quick and can't wait for next batch | [Issue Resolved]

My VESC recently died and I really need a new one before school starts up again soon so I can’t really wait for the next batch. It sucks too, since I just got the Space Cell Pro4 and can’t ride now…

If anyone has one they’d be willing to sell to me, I would greatly appreciate it and will pay for shipping costs. (Preferably in the USA)

I know I’m asking a lot, but please excuse my insolence.

I’ll have Vesc ready to be shipped from 18 August! You can pre-order it here http://eskating.eu/product/vesc-controller-for-electric-skateboards/

TorqueBoards should have thier batch in very soon now too. I also ordered my second VESC (for this kind of situation) last week and and the order has been filled and be to me soon (from enertion). So you may want to try either from fottaz, TorqueBoards or Enertion mate, I’m quite sure you’d get them within a week or 3 :slight_smile:

We are finishing up another large batch of VESC’s @ www.ollinboardcompany.com and will bring us back to a 1 to 2 week wait on new orders.

I placed order about a month ago(June 28), will that also take 1-2 more weeks?


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We a finishing a large batch to complete a back log of orders. Your order is actually one of the first to ship since you about 5th in line right now. Figure another day or two and we will have a tracking number for you.

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I’d love to buy one from you @chaka, but $165 is a lot for me at the moment as I’m in a bind with money.

Just got 2 in mail today from DIY Dexter, he must have in stock so ping him first

We would like to sell them cheaper if we could but that is the honest price with quality components. Too bad you aren’t local you could come by and resurrect a VESC from the boneyard.

Yeah, I understand the cost in putting these together. I hear yours are some of the best. Just wish I didn’t screw myself over with my summer spending…

Can I get the status of my order # Qumj-423865 ordered 7/9?

I emailed Dexter at DIY and he said they’d be ready in about 1-2 weeks, so I ordered from him.

@Namasaki There are 20 orders ahead of you so your order might not ship till Wed/Thursday.

If you mean wed/thur of this week, that would be great! :thumbsup:

Can I try resurrecting one?

Eskating will only sell completely assembled & tested parts

http://eskating.eu/product/vesc-controller-for-electric-skateboards/ Updated with some more informations.

If you come by and sweep the shop. :wink:

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Why are the power leads a thinner gauge than the motor wires, it should be the other way around :anguished: