WINboard Official Announcement Towards Tinboard


These days an unknown company called “Tinboard” started a carbon fiber skateboard campaign on Indiegogo based on our product GT-M6. At the same time they claim their company cooperate with WINboard. Now we are making official statement as follows:

We never authorize any person or company to have a crowd funding in Indiegogo for carbon fiber skateboard GT-M6. If we do, we will use WINboard, not rebrand name. Tinboard official website was registered in Slovenia on April 15th, 2017. No any company information or contacts or office address on the website. They provide misleading advertising on Indiegogo: impossible function and specification such as TESILA big capacity battery, changeable off-road wheels and four motor drive. Tinboard use unreasonable low price and exaggerated product specification to attract backers to donate money. Tinboard CEO declares they cooperate with WINboard, but we now nothing for business cooperation. Now Tinboard has clear all the information on their website, social links and closed their campaign in Indiegogo. As the original manufacture, we appreciate Tinboard team’innovation ideas and glad to hear suggestion from them. However we can not tolerate them raise money in this cheating way.

Please check our website for this announcement:

Kind regards

WINboard Team



So what about the Lou board? That looks an awful lot like your GT-M7

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