Winning Remote - Issue changing response and braking

Although I should preface this with saying I am not certain that it is the remote. But the way this problem developed certainly suggests it is.

On a commute this morning I noticed that the responsiveness of the full throttle had dropped off at the beginning of the ride. Full throttle resulted in a lot slower curve to get it up to speed. It also felt like it cut out a couple times under brake. This was only a couple miles from work so I toughed it out.

The ride home got increasingly more problematic. When returning to neutral it felt like it was going into more or a subtle brake. Another mile later it felt like it was brake at neutral and top speed had reduced… soon after that I smelt a hot plastic smell so I pulled over. Getting my nose unclose to the enclosure it smelt strong of the hot heat shrink plastic that was wrapped around the vesc. Thankfully the motor still responded, but made the sound decision to ride a uber home instead.

I am now left wondering if this is a failing vesc or a remote issue? It certainly felt like something was messing up with, perhaps the trim settings? That might explain when the breaking was happening?

Has anyone else heard of the setting changing on its own with this remote? Or does this sound like something else?

UPDATE: I have confirmed the the Minimum and Maximum Pulse Width did indeed change. I wonder if it was applying break at the same time as accelerating?

It was at: Min 1.12 Max 2.17 now its at Min: 1.14 Max: 2.04

Neutral is currently at 1.64

It’s totally the remote. It’s been shown time and time again that this remote is unreliable and dangerous.

Mine behaved the same way and actually got my thumb cut up pretty bad.

Thanks @Jinra I just hope I haven’t fried my VESC as a result. Thankfully It’s still alive on the bench.

It really is too bad because I actually enjoyed is feel and it ready to roll connection time.

I might take a chance on this one if it includes the receiver. The bench wheel one is currently sold out on Alibaba.

Mmmm turns out it was due to a short in the motor not the remote. Maybe I was to hasty to blame the winning, but still not thrilled about the shifting pulsewidth setting.