Winning Remote v1 on Banggood

Just thought I’d share this, saw the Winning remote arrive on BG last week but as of today it has even lower price due to additional discount.

So if you want to get this, notorious remote for a very very very good price: click! :slight_smile:

Just be aware, some seem to have pretty bad connection issues with this remote and it is generally not recommended. Some of us don’t have any problems whatsoever (myself included).

This is a shitty remote to recommend

I never user mine again. It can be dangerous to use, i would never recommend it to anybody.

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Yet I have more than 500km on mine without issues. Go figure.

i bought a bunch of winnings half were ok the other half not so much =)

Yeah, just as I warned in first post, your mileage may vary. If someone is brave and want to experiment…go…price is right :slight_smile:

i was brave and it paid off! haha lets see if luck holds =)

Haha. Yes, same here. I got just one from DIY as my first remote and never had issues.