Winter is coming - First build - The Norwegian

Hi! I have pretty much never used a skateboard before but it looks really fun. I see myself cruising to work on a eskate! Since winter is coming, I will have time to tinker with this indoor while I dream of icefree roads :slight_smile: I am 65kg, there are some mid steep roads around, I am more interested in good torque than high speed. 1 motor to save some cash for now.

I think I will buy most part at hobbyking to save some on shipping to Norway.

Please help me with choosing some parts:


Battery: 3 off 3s1P: 25C, 30C Pea

ESC: Vesc: Turnigy SK8-ESC

The motor, is it a good choise? I see that it is rated for “Voltage: 10~12S Lipoly”. Can it still be used with 9S, which I plan? Or should I go with this, or anything else:

Hello @3dman

What wheel are you planning to use?

I have a similar project (90% done) and here the forum thread if you want to take a look

Check also these batteries they are very flat and currently on sale!

Thanks for the reply Pex and what an awesome build you have there!

I am aiming for an asphalt build but it would have been cool with a proper winter build as well. That might be for the future.

Thanks for the battery link, I have missed that one. But will be sufficient for me to run two of these in series, 22v, any voltage sag? 6S on the 192Kv which is rated 10-12S is that OK?

If going 6s you may wanna get a higher kv motor. something like 230-250. Av ren interesse, hvor i norge er du fra?

I’ve that same 192KV SK3 motor and use a 9S battery (with the batteries @PEX recommended. Works fine, on 97mm ABEC11s and 15/36T I get good torque for 95kg load and top out at just under 35mph.

I’ve made a build with the same batteries for my wife, she’s 55kg and I got her a 6355 260KV motor, need an enclosure to get it running long distances but it has quite the kick too.

I’ve tried to run 6374KV with 6S but she didn’t want to budge even with a kick start.

I’d recommend a smaller, higher KV motor or grab three or four of the batteries PEX recommended.

@Youssless! @FredrikHems! Thanks for your answers. That was exactly what I needed :slight_smile:

Hei Fredrik Jeg er egentlig fra Bærum, men flytta nettopp til Trondheim. Er du i nærheten :-)? Do you know any good Norwegian sites with parts, or a place where I can buy a deck with usable trucks?

You can definitely use lower voltage than what it’s rated for if you want to. However usually it’s reccomended to use the highest voltage your VESC can handle since you will need to draw less amps for a given power output though 9S is pretty much perfect for that VESC. Use this calculator to figure out how you’re going to gear it to get the speed you want.

Nei, er vell ikke så veldig nærme akkurat… Skedsmo, Akershus. If you want longboard parts in norway you can check out However it would be a lot easier to get caliber trucks from eBay.

Why not go for a 18650 cells, instead of lipo?

Hilsen Fatos

Because li-ion is alot more expensive, as well as it cant be compared to the amperage lipos can put out

Everything looks good to me. A few things to think about, I wouldn’t go higher than 9s battery with that ESC, and when you program it, don’t push it to its limits, choose safe values particularly for motor and battery amps. Those ESCs have been known to break when they are pushed to hard, but as long as you keep the values conservative, you should be fine. A lower gear ratio (13/16 instead of say 16/36) will help not put too much stress on the ESC and batteries and get more torque, just at the expense of top speed. A few things to think about: you’ll need a motor mount and gearing. Hobby king sells a motor mount but I’d try to find something better if you can. Look for a mount with idlers as that will make the board coast better and keep the belt from slipping. Also, you’re going to need a controller. There’s lots of options if you search the forums.

Thanks for input @pennyboard.

But a gear ratio of 13/16 will give higher speed than 16/36 and so give less torque…?

For the motor mount, yes I was planning to buy from Hobbyking but after seeing some reviews I will not. I will look for a drawing so I can make one myself.

Yeah i meant 13/36 not 13/16 haha. It was a typo. 13/16 is practically 1:1. No torque :joy:

Hey man! Nice to see some more folkes from Scandinavia! Jeg er fra Danmark! If you need any help with the electronics, please hit me up. If you are interested, I can also build you a battery pack, or solder some wires together for you. I suggest you do it yourself though, since I believe it is part of the experience to make it yourself. Its a very good feeling! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @OskarCastrone :slight_smile: I’ll keep you in my mind when I struggle with electronics! Denmark must be a perfect place for a longboard. Flat and nice. Will definitely bring mine on my next trip there.

It’s a really active community here. Thank you all for your help.

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It took some time and but my dream of an electric longboard is finally taking shape. With help from the forum I 2D printed out a templated for the Amsterdam Oak deck. So went to the local woodshop in Trondheim (Nilssons Trelast) and got a piece of 1x 0,2 m and almost 1in thick. American white oak. I like the look of a solid piece of wood longboard. The piece of wood that I got has a natural concave. I was actually thinking of planning it flat before I noticed the beautiful shape :stuck_out_tongue: I could have gone for a wider piece of wood for my 218mm trucks… But the board kind of looks cool. The board is a bit heavy. I plan to shave it down to maybe 1,5cm thickness. The finishing touches with sand paper and coating is not done yet. (clear coat, lack maybe or hard wax? Hard wax beneath grip tape might not work…). Next is to get it ready enough so I can test drive. Grip-tape, sanding, coating, edge routing etc. must wait!

image image image image image

Yes, forgot to mention that I bought/made the following hardware: -Torqueboards wheels 83mm, 218mm trucks -4x Turnigy 400mAh 3S lipos -TOrqueboards 4.12 ESC (VESC) -Famous SK6374 194 motor -motor pulley with various teeth count -3D printed wheel pulley -3D printed motor support (the one I currently have printed seems a bit flimsy)

Upcoming work: Solder series connectors, make preliminary enclosure, 3D print new wheel pulley, hook up vesc to motors and config, mount and test run!


31.08.18: So I 3D printed a motor pulley for 15mm belt with 40 teeth. Own design based on pulley from and information from Printed in PETG, 0,1 resolution. Together with the motor mount, it took 24h… Will use it together with the 15 or 16T alu motor pulley.



Nice to see more Norwegians on here! I’d really recommend you buy a longboard deck, because the one you made from a single piece of wood looks like it would break under stress. (Oslo her, holder på med min egen single motor build)

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Tromsø her :slight_smile: Har kjøpt en del deler fra De har caliber trucks om jeg ikke tar feil. Og og har mye til ok pris.

Ellers produserer jeg egne mounts i 7075 alu, sort anodisert, har ett liggende om du trenger. Har også en 10s3p pakke med 60A bms med e-switch til overs, men det er ikke så enkelt med frakt av batterier.


Så hyggelig at det er flere her inne! I could be interested in a motor mount do you have any pictures of it? Currently plan is to test with a printed version, but will switch to something solid. Thanks for tips regards shops.

I have already bought batteries, four packs of 3s1p Hobbyking type (turnigy). I think I will go for a 9s setup. I am a bit worried about too much power :joy: