Winter is here - eboarding in the snow

We had some snow yesterday for the first time this year. So, I decided to take my board and do some extrem drifting. I have a dual 6355 with a 10s3p an 90mmm flywheels. That`s my build: It was slippery as hell, but a lot of fun. A mix between snowboarding and eboarding. But, after 15 Minutes both my 9mm belts tore. That was quite disappointing, since they lasted around 10 months. Do you guys have any experience with riding a non mountainboard in the snow and what can I do to prevent my belts from tearing the next time, expect not riding in the snow :wink:

15mm belts?

Not possible on a dual rear drive

Dual 6355 with 15mm belts, calibers trucks and group buy mounts(enertion clones) With some speed rings as spacers there was still a little breathing room. 12mm should be easier. There was 2mm in between motors.



Also I want to stud some AT tires and try them in the snow this winter

It depends on wheels, if you dont have offset you are most probably not going to fit 6355 in a dual rear config. But it looks pretty neat! :slight_smile:

These are Popocas with a kegel core and it works the same with Flywheels, thats most of the most common bases covered, no?

these motors are sensorless. I wish my 6355s where actually 55s so i could do this very thing, but because of the stupid nipple on the end cap i’m lucky if i can squeeze 12mm belts on there. Good job getting the 15mm ones on. Looks really nice.

Yeah it is, I was not so lucky to fit 15mm on mine :frowning: :smiley: ripping and stripping 9mm almost each month :smiley:

They’re sensored motors. Honest guv. No nipples though.

what motors are those? Brand and spec info please. I need a shorter can but don’t want to sacrifice the iron. I’m not married to Jollin, as cute as she is.

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I don´t want to change to 12mm yet. One of the main problems was that snow kept getting into the teeths of the wheel pulley and therefore stretching the belt and making it slip.

If the snow is the right temperature it would ice the belt up pretty quickly I’d have thought, i wonder how snowmobiles get over this?

@psychotiller you mad bro?


Thick and wide mats. Also we slam the rails so it brakes the ice and snow from the mats before and after driving. Or of you ment the variator belt it’ protected under the hood so no snow or ice will get there. Also the heat from the engine keeps it from icing up

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I was thinking of the belt or mat? that comes in contact with the snow. The other side is it a friction or tooth drive? I’ve driven quite a few and some fast ones but never given it too much thought of how they cope with the snow compacting into toothed belts? (if they have them)

It’s friction :slight_smile:


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This might help your truck space problem collections/longboard-trucks/products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks Axels are a little wider, but extra spacers will probably fix that.