Winter project 2017

I decided i want to build an electric board. I have been looking at many different set ups. Looking to build my own battery thinking inboard L-ion without BMS, instead use a cell balancing charger. Below board Vescs, cell loggers, power switch, wiring…etc. I’m thinking if I can get my hands on a carbon GT deck I’d like to have the cell loggers pointing up through the top of the deck cover plate. Undecided of whether i will use a single motor or dual.

Anybody know how many 18650 L-ions fit inside GT deck, or have measurements of battery/components compartment?

Anyone know where i can get some motors that will hold up to speeds in excess of (35-40mph+)?

Is their any motors holding up to 14S?

I don’t think the vesc can handle more than 12s. For your speed requirements though I did a quick calc on the esk8 calc using a 170kv motor on 12s. This is using psychotillers 6" pneumatics and his 42t wheel pulley. It’s crazy!!

Here is the same motor with 97mm wheels and 16/36 gearing

Do you have all the other parts you need? Might as well make this your build thread too :sunglasses:

Sorry I didn’t really answer the question. You can buy quality motors from any of these people. The 14s thing isn’t really going to work as far as I know unless you want to exceed motor and vesc limits and make magic smoke.

USA www.

EU (great fast shipping to North America) I’m not that familiar with anyone else in the EU

How does a buyer know how many pole pairs are in any particular motor without opening it? Excess rpm and erpm will have a negative impact on the motors none the less cook some components.

first step: I guess I will now wait to see if i can get my hands on a CGT deck.

Leave a link to your motor, it should say it in the product description

I’ll update this when I locate a deck and start building the battery. If anyone has any way to locate this particular deck any information would be appreciated.

If you are looking for mental fast a pair of these would be stupid :punch: :smiling_imp:

12s-18s 10,000w/150amps cont.

will need a RC esc for 14s work out the gearing/roll out… but that said Jenso is getting almost 14s watt/amp numbers out of VESC6 and Leopard 80mm motors… could be worth a look?

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& bigboystoys is about to do a 4wd build with motors this size from alien


they will do custom winds to if you need :wink:

I’m drawing up a custom deck at the moment that will house a 12S12P L-ion battery. going to keep the range around 180-210kv.

with the battery I’m building [email protected]=6800mAh/18650. is 81.6A in parallel to two motors 40.8A each too much?

Jesus Christ you trying to travel around the world on one charge?

just to work and back, and some weekend cruising

May I ask how far away your work is?

48km round trip

Holy skatan that is dedication, my pack is 4.4ah :joy:

will the vescs and motors hold up to that much current? seems like a lot for such small equipment.

how far do you get with that?

Maybe 5 miles, I ride almost full throttle a lot and have a lot of hills