[WIP][AUD] Trampa Build & Parts List

Wow. Thats real. I mean seriously? How many Jake Aquilinas are there? Not many I’m guessing. Hes lying to you Matt. Its him.

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im sure it is honestly

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so i finally got around to ordering the last of the parts. sadly the shipping address i provided for my cells board and sprockets do not allow delivery to a parcel locker so this is going to be a fun battle getting ahold of my goods considering im going to have to get the address changed to my work location and lug everythign home by foot. this includes my trampa board coming monday which should have been delivered today. yay UPS for dicken me around.

well any ways rant over. Im going to be adding some break lights to my board with a small Neopixel stick with 8 individually controllable LEDS on it. the plan is to make it more street legal by adding break lights and even possibly indicators to the LED strip itself if it is powerful enough to even work during the day that is. well ill be testing it when i get it in and if its bright enough ill be adding it to my build since im constructing my own Firefly remote it wont be difficult to add in the functionality to control the Break lights from the throttle input.

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Finally got the board in and assembled. Since moving to an apartment I regret not having access to the lot of tools my father has I take such simple things for granted. But hard work pays off with a bit of luck. Speaking of luck I just had the right sized spanners left over from my 3d printers and bits of furniture over the years I did a quick test fit and I’m now unsure if the underside enclosure will work with this board this feels more like a low rider when I jumped on it compared to my wowgo setup. Pressure in tyres is about 60 psi. About as much as I could get out of this little pump so the first thing I’ll do is head to a servo to get it to about 65-75 psi when it’s done. I just picked up some headlights and a tail light but I’m thinking ill scrap the tail light since I have an LED strip coming in this week I plan on programming into my remote to trigger as brakes.

Here is an image of oone of these lights. I forgot to grab some batteries but they take 4x AAA. I usually just buy the coles home brand rechargeable packs 4x $7 I believe it is and I’ll just carry spares with me as the lights slide off pretty easily. Picked them up for $10 each from target and they are surprisingly bright.

IMG_20190716_205038 IMG_20190716_204624 IMG_20190716_204449IMG_20190716_204507 IMG_20190716_204524

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Sadly the 2 stands I picked up the other day only works for one of my boards so I’ll have one for sale for $13 aud if anyone wants it since it doesn’t fit the Trampa deck the latches get in the way and it’s top side heavy, oh well guess I can keep one off the floorIMG_20190716_205716

So i may have made a mistake or 2 along the way but i think ill get there in the end. MY enclosure should be here by the end of the week and so should the sprockers.

Sprockers landed in melbourne today and should be delivering inner state over night so i should see them thursday at work some time hopefulyl friday at the latest. For my enclosure i might see that Friday or monday as its aparently 2 day international shipping but we will see what happens once i get those 2 parts in i can start doing some tests and see if the 6.5" wheels will cut it if not i guess i call myself lucky as i ordered 4 8" tyres from MBS this morning so hopefully one configuration will work and i can go with a bottom mound with some good clearance. otherwise ill be scrapping the undermount enclosure and going for a top mount which i dont really want to do but will if i have to.

Let me know if you decide to get rid of the enclosure :+1:

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sure. it should be here by the end of the week im going to take a look at it and see if it will fit for my build if not ill post on my thread here. might also depend with the 8" tyres i want to fit thsoe first if the clearance is not good enough its going =)

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Looks like clearance is acceptable with 200mm tyres so I have 6x urban treads with tubes up for grabs take all for $150 aud also deciding to sell motor mounts and drive train as I’m going to swap it out for etox helical gears

might be getting rid of my enclosure are you interested so long as i dont have to ship it?

Im in melbourne dude, would need it posted here

Sorry to sneak in I’m in Adelaide how much you looking at for enclosure?

Looking at getting back what I paid for it roughly, would also swap for a new peli case 1200 with cash my way

Since I blew one of my foc boxes during a test I had to buy a new one so I decided to get a flipsky duel 6.6 but its much larger than I thought and I won’t fit everything I want in this case which is a lot more than I should want to fit haha

gm can take it for $270 if you like this is what I paid for it. Comes with the bolts also which were extra so was close to 290 aud