[WIP][AUD] Trampa Build & Parts List

I started this build some time ago last year and finally decided to pick it back up and write a post about.

Here is the Thingiverse Link to the Throttle i had help modifying to fit 693ZZ Miniature Ball Bearing Thingiverse

Price List

Total Cost: $5,186.48‬


Spot Welder $142


2x Turnigy SK8 6374-192KV Sensored Brushless Motor (14P) $268.34 (134.17 ea)
FocBox Vesc x2 $420.20
280A Anti spark Smart Switch $94
44.4V 8A Charger $88.20
Blutooth Module $17
DIY Smart Remote (FireFly Nano) $226
Neopixel Stick $18.25
Metr Pro BlueTooth Module $103
Dual FSESC6.6 Based upon VESC6 with Aluminum Heatsink $440

Drive Chain

Motor Mounts $208.55
ISO06b Chain Roller Chain 06b $20 Local hardware Store as a spare (Also supplied with sprockets) Sprockets 10T/35T 8mm Shaft $201.68

Replacing Overrion chain drive with Etoxx MAXI Helical 1:6.25 for vertigo trucks 8T/50T


Trampa HS11/HolyPro 35 DS $290.54


DIY Battery 12s7p $516.42 (not including other items)
86x Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh - 15A (2 Spare) $446.42
BesTech D140 Charge Only BMS $70

Heat shrink $1.35
Battery insulator $1.25
Foam $7
Barley Green Paper $7
Nickel Tape $9.25
Kapton Tape $4

GX-16 3 Pin $2
Silicone Wire/XT90 Connectors $25.51

Board Components

Total Cost of Board + Extras $1080

1 x TRAMPA Mountainboard with 12mm HOLLOW Axle VERTIGO Trucks RATCHET Bindings & Custom Wheels
35º HS11 Deck Shape
17ply 35º HS11 Deck - Stiffest
WHITE Powdercoated with Black logo VERTIGO Baseplate
Powder Coated WHITE Springs
BLUE DAMPA’s - 85a Very stiff Steering
8 Inch 5 Spoke SUPERSTAR Hubs
Carbon Print Rim
SILVER Anodised Spokes
BLACK ATB Bearings - 12mm Axles
RATCHET Style Bindings please
White strap with Black Foam Footstraps
WHITE with BLACK logo L-Brackets
WHITE Powder Coated Ratchet Buckles


2 x 6.5 Inch URBAN Treads High Pressure High speed Tyres
2x 7 Inch Inner Tube with Tyre
1x Muck Off Bag

4x 13111 - MBS T1 Tire - 200x50 Black $100
4x 13012 - MBS Tube 8" $48


If i were in your position i would purchase a METR bluetooth module to keep track of performance and batteries and ditch the firefly remote for a cheaper and more reliable remote. Furthermore, great build!

Also, why are your focboxes so expensive? :sweat_smile:

Welcome to Australia! but yeh try buying 4 at once and looking at a price tag near 1k when doing 2 of these builds.

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I started this build about a year ago haha it did not exist back then and i also have had bad experience with AIO gear like that. if you blow 1 side you gota replace the cost of 2. at leas this way if i blow 1 i could pull the other out and place it in a new single drive build or sell it off and replace with new ones since they dont make them anymore…


Ah i see, and you need 4 focboxes don’t you?

yeh 2 for each build. essentially i mbuilding 2 boards identical 1 for me and 1 for my brother. i actually just ordered the board about 10 seconds ago and the cells about an hour ago.

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Aha okay, i was wondering why everything was extremely expensive, but it’s for two builds :rofl:

oh no this is the cost for 1 build lol its in AUD though

will be able to keep track of all info with the remote which is ideal. i have issues with my phone using tracking apps as it is so i would rather keep all info tied into the board as cloesly as possible. Im a programmer by trade so i can add/remove/alter features as i see fit easily and i have more faith in someting i build myself and its all part of the fun =)

Though i did initially plan on using the blutooth module to keep track of specific data from the vesc

That explains a lot :rofl:

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still an expensive board so far haha, Sprockets alone im expecting around $160 ish

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@Eboosted Does enclosures for the HS11 deck which can fit a 12s8p battery, esc and bms all in the one case. Message him if unsure about anything.

- Trampa HS11/HolyPro 35 DS 18650/21700 – eBoosted Shop

Whats the brand or custom motor mounts are you using?

I am also interested about the motor mounts too.

i will put a list together with links from where i got everything just gota find them all first.

Remote finally finished constructing it. Can make improvements but overall its functional will do testing after I build battery and setup vescs

IMG_20190707_160103 IMG_20190707_160046 IMG_20190707_160041

yo dude, whereabouts in aus are ya? if you’re the jake aquilina i know this is gonna be hilarious

Adelaide now, moved from Melbourne about a month or so ago.

Matt don’t leave me hanging mate. Is it the same guy?

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ah shit :rofl: I know a jake aquilina who lives like 15km away

@dareno it isnt himmmmmm :frowning:

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