[WIP]The Beast | 4WD Hub-Motors | Custom 12s6p 18650 Battery | Ollin VESCs

I just ordered all parts and it is all in a very early stage.

What i´ve planned:

  • 4 wheel drive hub motors (@jacobbloy) to get awesome hill climbing abilities (i hope so)
  • Hi-output battery with INR18650-25R cells (BMS-Limited to 100 Amps)
  • 4 OllinBoards VESCs with Heatsink
  • Custom hollow board to hold all the stuff
  • Nunchuk controller(because it is part of Jacobs VESC Connect BETA program)

I will update this post soon with some drawings.

First deck design (without core):

Dimensions: Length: 110cm Width: 24cm Wheelbase: 86cm Usable space for components: 20X75cm


I bookmarked this shit…this is gonna be EPIC!!!

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i hope so if i fit everyting in…

That is why they invented duct tape sir…

Just ride that beast … Full video and if possible multi angle…that would be great…Thank you lol

hmmmm… I’m planning a similar build using hummies motors. Would be interesting to see how they compare the two.

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I´ll do so, i own two dji phantoms and a bunch of gopros^^

@evoheyax that would be a great comparison, the only bottleneck on such beasts are the motors

Have you placed your order for the 4 hub motors? I don’t remember seeing an order for 4. Sale ends soon

well two kits with two motors i think

Order Nr #613 or #615 @jacobbloy , both are mine but i dont remember wich were the motors

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Ok cool I’ll check it out! Got a couple of other guys with 4 motors out there but there all waiting for vesc. I’m trying to make a 107mm wheel for one customers 4wd setup.


That would be awesome but could be a bit wobbly just sliding / clamping it on. And it will definitely only work with 4wd apart from that you cant climb any hills but i hope you succeed … i want some

On shit can’t wait…

Full leathers please…just in case there are some bloopers :neutral_face:

I want this to work so bad lol. We always say 2wd is awesome…when it works.

4wd might be a juggeling act.

You could build 4 solid boards with that much tech lol god bless

@Michaelinvegas Oh yes, i am going to street my face often :joy:

@barajabali well i think this is more like a proof of concept. Nobody will ever really need so much power

Streeting your face (SYF) = No Bueno

But sometimes needs to happen^^

Lol ok crash test dummy

Get some band aids then


Looking forwards to seeing what you create

Small update: just got battery stuff in the mail. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGFFYkxmLcC/?taken-by=kaiserchiller https://www.instagram.com/p/BGFFo3amLcq/?taken-by=kaiserchiller

Now building the pack


Another small Update: I killed one of the parallel packs, just ordered 6 new cells^^