(WIP) | Unity | 12s5p | Dual TB 6374 (190KV) | Surfrodz TKP | Red Ember Bludgeon | and Other shift

Alright so here it goes my second build, Ill keep It short and sweet. After riding my other board until it became a unfixable mess I decided that it was about time to start building a second board. I knew one thing that I wanted was a bigger battery and larger wheels to get around the shitty, not maintain, and ruined streets of my town. After drooling over all the RedEmber Board builds I knew that I had to get one of those boards.

My parts list is

@treenutter RedEmber Boards Bludgeon

  • Glass frit on the top to keep the look of the board

@psychotiller Altered wedge enclosure

  • skinned in Carbon Fiber for that extra sexy look (WIP)

    • Thank you so much @Sender for helping me out with the skinning part

SurfRodz TKP 177mm with 90mm Axels

  • The 90mm axels allows for 15mm pulleys with dual 6374

@torqueboards 2 x 6374 190kv motors and the TB110 wheels ac2b97c77fabe4ed20c45d67d8f5f17fefc8d2e5_2_750x1000 9d7a0166c0b44644d7a7515516c7545f892b587f_2_562x750

  • The Dual 6374 will be a huge step up from my single 6355

  • The TB110’s will hopefully help with my shit roads

    • @b264 You praised the wheels so much I just couldn’t think of any better wheels

BKB Kegel wheel pulleys 32t and 40t 15532529196565775070100165927612

  • 15/40 ratio

  • used some pulleys and spacers to make them work with SurfRodz 10mm axels

@akhlut TKP motor mounts and Carbon Fiber X braces

  • I had them powder coated a matt black and will see how the powered coat holds up 15532516931778225074388030105425
  • I can’t thank him enough for all his help this build wouldn’t be possible without him

@thisguyhere/@akhlut 12s5p battery - Built using Boss level custom spot welder 1/2 done 15532518566228526687301076446348

  • Got the battery PCBs, nickel strip, and from the 12s d140 BMS from thisguyhere

  • akhlut Helped me out with the Fusing

  • there is also a fuse on the charge port to make @b264 happy

Focbox Unity

  • after seeing the Unity in person at the NYC Enertion ride I knew I had to get one

@winfly Nano - W (Enertion nano X mod) 15532517625055328978772402505884

  • I like the feel of the mod a lot better then the Nano X

  • hopefully in the future I can get something better like a Hoyt Puck or OSRR @DerelictRobot

Theres a lot of little things like fender washers and cable braids to add touches of color here and there to make it look ascetically pleasing.

Theres probably something Im missing and Ill add a bunch to this in the morning like pictures and more info.

I have everything currently, but the TB110, Unity, and RedEmber board but once I get those I will be all ready to put it all together.

Another note is I am using Rydesafe reflective decals from rydesafe.com I encourage everyone to get these they look super good and will get you seen by cars in the night. 20190322_075139 20190322_075210

Please ask question and make suggestions for what I should add to it.

Thank you to everyone of this forum for all the help and I love every single one of you (except @brenternet he is weird) Thank you all so much


Pictures… It’s all just words


Read like 5 more words :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Im bored…

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@Skunk 10 char


Now I know why you need a name for this build… it does not exist! :roll_eyes:

(C’mon boy, send us some pics!)


This build sounds like its gonna be beautiful. MORR PICS


what is the fuse for?

Just an extra level of protection so i dont burn anything down on accident.


Ive been waiting for a day off from school to get started on the carbon fiber since it takes up alot of time.

Ive been practicing on much smaller things and its gone well so far.



Do some homework


“electropussy” sounds sexy for a board. Makes me wanna ride…



Holy shit I laughed way to loud at that.


Talking about ridding and dying at the same time! :rofl:




Let’s see this board dude

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15532958674732346062854213130270 15532959152914311731672536354650 He is very bad at photos and cleaning


Waiting for the redember, unity, and TB110’s then ill get it built

Redember Board taking longer then expected

I might of posted too early should of waited to get everything first :joy::joy::joy:


I did that on my build thread. Got to like 100 comments before i even started assembling.


Im just trying to do anything Esk8 related while I wait :rofl: