Wire Gauge Between VESC & Batteries?

I bought an Enertion VESC, I went ahead and got the servo cable for my GT2B receiver, and I’m just wondering, with the XT60 connectors, should the wire I get between the the VESC and my battery arrangement be 10 or 12 Gauge? Looking at an XT90 anti-spark loop key on the negative line, and the batteries are x2 3S 5000 mAh 30C Lipos in series. Using XT60 Connectors. Motor is a 6364 245 kV.

The most common option is 10 gauge battery -> VESC and 12 gauge VESC -> Motor.

So, if you have and manage to fit 10gauge, use it. It will heat up less and your wires can be a little bit longer.

@flatsp0t thank you!! with the motor, I’m unsure of what the fittings will be. Should I get 5.5 mm bullet connectors for the motor to the VESC? The 6364 comes with 4 mm male connectors, not sure how to interconnect the Enertion VESC to the 6364.

I think they come with 4mm Bullet connectors as standard, which are good enough. You can leave them stock with no problems. Another option is to do a silicone wire mod(SK3 mod), then you can fit 5mm ones if you have them cut.

@flatsp0t yeah, its 4mm bullet connectors. With the enertion VESC, will I need to purchase any additional bullet connectors then? or will I be able to attach and detach the phase wires freely in case I have an incorrect polarity? I’d shrinkwrap and solder after knowing the motor was spinning in the correct direction. Thank you, again!

I think the enertion VESC come without connectors motor side, so you will need 3 female bullet connectors.

@flatsp0t gotcha. how’s this look?


They are okay, but you would want heat shrink instead of this housing.

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Hey man the enertion vesc u bought is which xt type and whats the motor size ? 40mm or 5.5mm ? Or is it self custom ? whats coming with the pack