Wire management

I’ve been to that site many times, lol, that’s you? So would I want to go with the vesc V4. 12 or the ollin v1. 1? I’m not sure what the difference is between them…?

that’s @chaka’s website. id go with the ollin esc, upgraded and 100% worth it if you’ve got the money

How many would i need for a 4WD Carvon V4’s setup? Just 2, or would I need… or could I even do 4…?

For every motor, there needs to be a vesc.

4wd=4 vescs

I think he sells an adapter for 4wd. I look forward to your build thread!

at this point I’m pretty much his marketing team with how often I promote his stuff lol

Lol you should make him pay you! So would I be able to have them connected with each other so I could have a sort of traction control, AWD sort of smart drive system?

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yea, if you know what canbus is, it is 4 of those soldered together so all the vescs “talk” to eachother

Lol, I originally was just going to buy an Evo 4WD, but figured for that price I could make a custom board with the V4’s and make it just as good if not better, for much less, and I’m doing some rough adding up here and everything so far (not including a board, I haven’t chosen one yet) and I’m at about $2700 haha. The board I’m considering is like $900, so this could easily turn into a 4k build… This is gonna be sweet!

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haha yea

#1 like = 1 vote for @chaka paying me!


I think you got some stuff from @psychotiller too, don’t forget about him! How’s that tacon motor treating you?

Tacon is still going strong! It’ll be retired soon though since I am almost done making my 10s6p pack. It has served me well!

Psycho actually gave me a mount and an enclosure lol.

unfortuanetly both the mount and the enclosure from @psychotiller will also be retired soon

I went to order them this morning, Now unavailable =( Making a Home Depot/Lowes/Harbor Freight Run later today.

Would this be a better - safer - reliable setup with riser pad wire organizer? It seems that’s the only way I can position the motor. The blue tape is where I would put a tie down to the deck. Theres enough play for max left and max right movement.

Thanks for all the help!

That doesn’t look like there will be enough slack. Electrical tape also works as a temporary solution. I’m sure those tie downs will be back in stock.

Maybe you can swap the wires from one side to the other like me? So left motor goes to right esc


I like the thinking behind Chakas & scepys method, how ever you do it the closer you get to the hangar pivot and to a minor extent the kingpin, the less movement and subsequent strain it will have on the wires as they provide the axes for movement.