Wire routing and interference issues

I’m a first time builder and I’m about to close up the deck on my CGT. There’s not a huge amount of room and as it looks now some of the wires will run over/cross each other.

I’m remember reading that having the remote receiver too close to the caps in the ESC can cause interference (though this was regarding a Maytech remote, nevertheless I assume the same stands for other remote receivers).

My wire routing will end up with the battery leads and connection crossing directly under my motor phase wires. Alternatively my receiver will be next to the phase wires.

Is there any issue with currents/wires crossing causing interference to the motors? I’ve read a lot and I have a feeling I read something about this and magnetic fields being generated but I can’t seem to find where.

Obviously an elementary question but I just want to be sure before closing it up.

Thanks for any help!

Pictures or didn’t happen!

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