Wiring battery indicator to esc

So I’m using this Chinese esc for a while until I get a vesc but I’m trying to figure out how to wire the battery indicator so it turns off when I turn the board off. Currently I have it directly wired to the negative and positive leads but it always stays on unless I manually turn it off.

It should be wired after bms ( if you have one ) and before ESC. So when you flip the switch and your ESC starts up then so will the Voltage meter :wink:

Btw - does your ESC have switch built in? I’m Not familiar with this model.

Yea it has a power button with yellow, black and red wires I know normally it would go between the power button but this button has 4 wires

Well I don’t think this button is under full battery voltage, if it was the case then cables comming of it would have been much thicker, but I’m not sure myself. Have you got any manual ? I know, it’s a rear thing with Chinese products.

Didnt come with a manual , that’s why this is so difficult

In order to accomplish what you want, I recommend that you get an external E-switch or loop key between the battery and the esc.

Unless your are able to find and tap into the full battery voltage on the PCB downstream from the switch. Good luck with that idea.

Ok I will probably just use an anti spark key then

your gonna need it or an E-switch anyway after you get a Vesc

Ok I have some laying around anyways

I have the same esc do you desconect ir when you charge the battery?

Yea because I have to plug discharge cables into my balance charger

I don’t have to unplug the cables to charge it but I do because I don’t know

What do you mean?

I have one of this but I don’t know if I can charge it without disconnecting it ?

Yea you can do it without disconnecting if you connect everything coreectly

It won’t burn the esc

It shouldnt if it’s powered off

If you want to be safe you can disconnect it