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Wiring lipo alarm

I was wondering if it is possible to wire the lipo alarm/tester to only turn on when using the board. My idea was tot connect the - from the lipo tester to the - of the lipo BUT after the loop key. That way the negative is only supplied when the loop key is plugged in. Is this correct?

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If it’s one of those two lead positive negative ones yeah but if it’s the kind that plugs into the balance plugs no.

It is a plug in one, any ideas on this?

if it plugs in to the balance you could get a jst extension and put a dip switch on each lead.

all you need is to attach a on off switch to the 1st negative cable coming from the battery
get one here:

yes its easy to do. just switch on the -Ve of the lipo and the alarm.
sorry @delta_19 you are wrong about not being able to do it. @mathieu was spot on in his first post.

my mistake,

listen to what lowguido says, his word is law in these matters.

for what it is worth I made a diagram of the exact setup on that board here: